Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dog meet Horse

Templeton doesn't like horses. Well, he's never gotten to know one before so we thought we would introduce him to some. You can see he got agressive at first but then started to like them. Oh, and he started rolling in poop too. Yuck!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do the Math

Actually, I don't want to do the math! Matt, from the hit blog "Matt and Randi", and myself took a roadtrip to pay homage to an old tradition. Ok, enough sugar coating; we drove over 1100 miles one way to ride mountain bikes.

It was something like Matts 16th or 17th and my 7th. We went for the beautiful singletrack and for the memories of camping with the guys. It's all fun. There's freezing cold "baths" and if you are lucky, a steak or two fall into the fire and no one tells you they just hosed it off (not me).

I took a ton of pics which I'll just eventually post to Facebook and link but here are some notes I jotted down.

Womble Notes

Got to camp early Friday morning. Setup just before sun rose. I couldn't fall back asleep.
- setup tent @ 630
- woke up @ 930
- 1000 - 63 F

630 - 46 F
800 - 57 F
Got to north lake and it was pretty warm.
Rough ride. Cramping. Some falls. A brake mechanical. Sore neck. Arms sore. Hands sore. Back of the pack. Hungry. Wore out. Almost out of water. Not like me. Still fun.

Saturday Night
Ate a ton. Went to town for more food and water. Pooped at grocery store. Had "3 taco special." Sopapillas.

Middle of the night. Rain starts. Doesn't stop till we hit Virginia.

That's it for now, just a quick update on life.

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