Friday, November 17, 2006

What's new? Not a lot I guess.

I don't really think there is anything new going on with me... Oh, my senior project, I can share a little bit of that with you.

For part of my senior project I'm doing a documentary/feature piece on one of the local fire stations in Tulsa. It's station 29, the fire station that is practically right next to campus.

Anyway, I've been visiting them quite a bit. I got some footage on two seperate occasions. On the first day, a Thursday, I stayed their from 1pm to 9pm. Then this past Sunday, I stayed there from 6am to about 9pm as well. I had a lot of fun! It's actually a lot like college! They have a good time. Also, the eat really well! They certainly know how to cook!

So I have been hanging around, talking with them, watching tv, joking with them... I even ran up the tallest citiplex building with them! It's 60 stories and every shift (they work every 3rd day) they run up the stairwell. I did alright! I got some footage too.

They have nicknamed me "Spielberg" and some of them call me "The Kid." We have a good time. After I got off work on Wednesday night (I run camera at Church On The Move), I swung by the station. We watched some TV and they heated me up some dinner.

That's the main thing I've been up to.

It's hard to believe that almost another semester is almost done. Well, that's about it. I better get going, I need something to eat! See ya!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Video shot with Panasonic HVX200


I went to Walmart last night to see if they had the Zune in... wait a minute... There are probably some of you that don't have a clue what I'm talking about. The Zune is the new MP3 player that is supposed to be the rival for the iPod. I mean, I like my iPod alright, but it's time there was some real competition.

Anyway, I went to Walmart, expecting to see them sold out, but they had a few still in the case. I'm interested to see how it plays out. Mostly in sales I mean. I l would love to have one because it's got some great features that the iPod doesn't have.

Anyway, I really want a brown one! They look cool in the pictures, but they look even better in person!

If anyone has one, tell me what you think. I read a lot of reviews and watched videos on it, but I want the general consumer viewpoint.

Like I said, I have an iPod, but this looks to be a serious rival. I'm going to go over some basic pros and cons that I see with it, keep in mind I don't own one yet though.

The main thing is, it is not Mac compatible. I certainly hope that it will be in the future. It's doesn't affect me directly because I have a PC but I read online something that stood out... Most Mac owners are really big into music. With the Zune being a music player, they should have catered to Mac users as well. I don't believe in this all out war of Mac vs. PC. Both have features that I really like. Although, with the new Intel Macs, if someone buys a Zune, they can boot in XP and use it there, but still go back to their OSX when they want to compute stuff.

Zune pros:
- 14 hour battery life (same as 30GB iPod)
- Screen orientation vertical and or horizontal
- Larger screen than iPod
- Wireless connectivity to transfer songs & pictures to other Zunes
- Plays .wmv, .mp4, h.264 videos
- FM Tune
- Earbuds have a magnet on them to attach and not get tangled
- Preloaded music, videos, and pictures
- Cool pouch instead of the iPod slip case
- Recognizeable with XBOX 360

Zune cons:
- Doesn't want to touch my purchased iTunes songs
- Slightly larger in pocket size than iPod
- No scroll wheel (may actually be good, I saw a demo video, but I'm just used to the scroll wheel)
- Not able to use as a hard drive

Overall, it would be a nice breakaway from the "white earbuds." They are becoming too popular, it's more of a fashion statement. The Zune could be something to really rock the boat of iPod users everywhere.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Just some random updates.

There was a podcasting seminar/luncheon today that I was invited to. I came along to watch and listen, but my teacher also wanted me there in case I had anything to comment about. I have been giving him some insight into the world of blogging and podcasting, mostly from my age groups mindset.

There was some stuff that I wanted to bring up, but I never got the chance. Plus he hit most of the info I wanted to say as well. I'll just post it on here so if anyone out there is interested in podcasting, you can get some help!

First off, I want to cover some basics of blogging. The two popular websites that people have their blogs in are (that's what I use) and Wordpress. From what I know, they are both pretty good. That's really all I want to talk about blogging. Blogging is like a really simple podcast.

**Note** Don't forget, you can grab my blog's RSS feed to get new posts when the come out!

Anyway, if you are looking for some good podcasts, I suggest you go to podcast alley. They have a huge list of them that you can rate, comment and find almost any podcast.

Ok, so you want to get started in podcasting? I am only going to give you one solution. I only give this one because this is the way that I highly recommend unless you are really tech savy and have a great knowledge of various software and equipment and you have great quality equipment at hand.

I say, go out and buy an Apple laptop. And make sure you get iLife 06. Done. That's everything you need to make a podcast, except for the content. Why Apple laptop? They have a built in microphone and the new ones have a built in camera. Why iLife 06? The new Garageband, iMovie, iWeb, and iTunes are perfect for starting a podcast. In Garageband, you can add artwork or movies to the audio tracks... it comes with built in sound effects and jingles... it has a speech enhancer (reduces noise)... one click iWeb publishing... iWeb has great website templates that look like pro websites and are very easy to customize. iTunes lets you put your "baby" out there for the world to subscribe to. It's a one box solution to podcasting for beginners and pro's alike!

Check out some of my favorite video podcasts from my links on the side bar. Izzy Video - DV video tutorials. Geek Brief - Gadgets, tech tools & toys. DriveTime - A weekly video blog produced during his daily commute (camera in car). Those are just a few of my favorite.

Well, that's all, I'm done talking about podcasting for now.

Be sure to check out my Froogle page. There is a link in the side bar. It's just a wish list of stuff I want. Please feel free to add any of those things to your shopping list!

Well, that's good for now. Have a great day!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I haven't run that much since high school!

I just got back a little while ago from a long run. Well, long for me anyway. According to Google Maps and Jenni's odometer, it was about 9.5 to 10 miles. I ran from ORU to downtown Tulsa. It is a ghost town down there! It took me about an hour. Anyway, I haven't run that far and that long since I was running cross country in high school. It felt really good too! I mean, my legs hurt pretty bad and my lower back is kind of sore, but I told myself that I was going to run to downtown and I just had to do it. I did have to stop, just about 5 times, each about a 1 minute break though. One of them was like 3-4 minutes because I got some water and went to the bathroom. Jenni picked me up when I was done too. It's nice having someone pick you up because you can go harder and faster because you know that you don't have to run back!

I passed a few other runners out there and they were all really nice. I don't know what it is, but there has to be a connection between exercise and friendliness. Although, I have met some athletes that are real jerks so... Anyway, as we would run by each other, we would each give a little wave to each other, sometimes not even making eye contact, just waving. Some people would say hi and other small pleasantries, but not too much. We are running after all, have to keep track of your breathing! I also ran with 3 other people for a little bit. I just caught up to them and asked if I could join and they said sure. They were training for the Tulsa Run.

Well that's about it. I think I'll leave you with a haiku, or just a poem, I don't really know what the difference is.

feet pounding.
heart beating.
lungs pumping.
oh, another runner.
head up.
fix stride.
straighten form.
wave hello.
lose form again.
drudge on.