Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dog meet Horse

Templeton doesn't like horses. Well, he's never gotten to know one before so we thought we would introduce him to some. You can see he got agressive at first but then started to like them. Oh, and he started rolling in poop too. Yuck!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do the Math

Actually, I don't want to do the math! Matt, from the hit blog "Matt and Randi", and myself took a roadtrip to pay homage to an old tradition. Ok, enough sugar coating; we drove over 1100 miles one way to ride mountain bikes.

It was something like Matts 16th or 17th and my 7th. We went for the beautiful singletrack and for the memories of camping with the guys. It's all fun. There's freezing cold "baths" and if you are lucky, a steak or two fall into the fire and no one tells you they just hosed it off (not me).

I took a ton of pics which I'll just eventually post to Facebook and link but here are some notes I jotted down.

Womble Notes

Got to camp early Friday morning. Setup just before sun rose. I couldn't fall back asleep.
- setup tent @ 630
- woke up @ 930
- 1000 - 63 F

630 - 46 F
800 - 57 F
Got to north lake and it was pretty warm.
Rough ride. Cramping. Some falls. A brake mechanical. Sore neck. Arms sore. Hands sore. Back of the pack. Hungry. Wore out. Almost out of water. Not like me. Still fun.

Saturday Night
Ate a ton. Went to town for more food and water. Pooped at grocery store. Had "3 taco special." Sopapillas.

Middle of the night. Rain starts. Doesn't stop till we hit Virginia.

That's it for now, just a quick update on life.

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

House Hunting

Well we just got done looking at a bunch of of houses and found some decent ones. Out of 7 we like 4 but they still aren't perfect. Here's our thoughts on the whole deal...

Uncle Obama wants to give us $8,000 to get into a house. Well that's great except if we don't find one we really love for a price we really like then we aren't going to get into a house. We just don't want to get into something that's either over our head or in a bad location that we won't want to stay in for at least 3-5 years.

So that's where we are now. If we don't find a place to buy, we'll just continue to rent, but we'll probably move into DC. It's kinda been a dream of ours to live in the city for a while.

I'll try to keep you posted but it looks like if we don't find something by the end of September then we will keep renting. We know it looks like a waste of money but being somewhere you don't enjoy or paying all of our income on mortgage and condo fees so we have no money for a real life isn't an option. At least with renting you don't have to pay for the washing machine when it breaks!

What do you think? Should we buy a condo somewhere in Virginia or rent in DC and float around for a few years?

Also, about the places we found... It comes down to really two things. Location and cost. The one we found right near Old Town are in a great location but obviously the cost is higher than what we want to pay. Then the other one which is quite a ways outside of Alexandria but it's $50,000 less!

See, we would be happy with living in the cheaper one because there is room for improvement but we aren't sure if it would be easily sellable later. But the one near Old Town wouldn't be too hard to sell (we think...) but getting into it might be tight.

I'm rambling now (mostly because I'm typing this while I'm watching a movie and I'm getting distracted) but what I'm trying to say is that if we don't get a deal on a place we love in a location we feel safe with then we aren't buying. Even though there is an $8,000 bonus on the line, that shouldn't be the only reason to buy a place. That's like joining the military just for an $8,000 bonus. It's something you will spend years attached to and you need be sure you will enjoy it and feel safe.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blog Redesign

I'm thinking about redesigning this blog (as well as others). I only have the time and skills to use templates for now. Oh, and I made a new blog/site over at http://mikepetrucci.com (it's not much right now) if you want to check it out.

So, check out these templates and tell me which one you like the best. If at all. Leave a comment or vote on the right hand side (poll).





Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bit Gravity Test

Testing out Bit Gravity Player 6 with some video from a friend of mine.

Get Adobe Flash player

Monday, June 29, 2009

Apple Store Experience

I recently had to take my iPhone in for servicing or replacement and had one heck of a time! I wanted to tell my story and see if anyone has had similar problems. Sorry if it's poorly written, thats just my lack of writing skills! Oh, and I took out the name of the Mac Genius to protect his identity (see, I'm a nice guy).

*Update* - This was at the Pentagon City Apple Store


Dear Apple,

I usually never have a problem with Apple. I'm a big Mac user that has proudly helped convert two very stubborn parents and whenever I get a chance to talk Mac, I dive right in. I also think that they have usually superb customer service but this most recent trip was a real shocker.

I am currently on my third iPhone 3G. The first one got replaced after the vibrate switch stopped working. The second one (the one that this story is about) had an issue where the backlight would go all the way off instead of just super low.

Thinking that it was maybe a bug that 3.0 would fix, I just waited it out. But when I updated I still had the problem and decided to go into the Apple Store and have a Genius look at it.

******, the same Genius that just months before replaced my first phone was now going to be dealing with my second phone. He didn't seem like he recognized me and he probably sees tons of people everyday so I wasn't hurt.

I explain my problem to him.

"The backlight goes to off when just 1/4 from the lowest setting. Every other iPhone goes to a super dim mode but mine goes to completely off."

To my friends and myself this is a legit problem that we knew with 100% certainty that Apple would fix or replace.

Well, ****** didn't seem to see the problem. He says that it's his job to see a problem and he doesn't see one here. After explaining further he decides to go to the back and ask some other people about it.

Waiting just about 5-10 minutes he returns with two iPhones and says they don't see a problem either. He sets the two iPhones down on the counter and says, "Look, yours is actually brighter, and it has better range."

I told him that it was only brighter because the one he was comparing it to had a plastic film on it. Anything, no matter how clear it really is will diffuse the light at least somewhat. And I explained the "range" he talked about... yeah, it obviously has better "range" if the light goes off and the rest don't! That's getting technical.

Oh, and I'm not an idiot. I've worked in customer service and I realize that he was only trying to get me excited about it and walk off thinking my phone was now better than the rest. No dice.

I forgot to mention that this entire time he has not been giving me any eye contact whatsoever. I kept leaning on the counter trying to meet our eyeline and at the same time making sure that my stance and body language wasn't defensive or aggressive. I'm very aware of these things.

With the two phones still on the counter I asked him to take them in the back again and just slide the backlight all the way off while in the dark and compare the phones. He said "that's not necessary." I then asked him to just cup his hands around my iPhone to see the backlight go out and he once again said "that's not necessary." But isn't that what customer service is all about? Going above the necessary! It would have only taken a few seconds and would have made me, the customer, feel like he was at least trying to help.

I told him that I was in the store the other day and showed a fellow Apple employee who said that it was indeed a problem and asked if I could bring him over to "testify" but of course his response was "that's not necessary." He once again made me feel as if I was losing my mind! It's like I saw a ghost and no one would believe me!

He then had me give scenarios as to when I might need this functionality. I shouldn't have to explain things that the designer of the device came up with! But I did give him examples.

He also asked if the phone made calls, alluding to the fact that if it doesn't hurt the functionality then it's 100% fine. I told him that I didn't buy the iPhone to just make calls, the little kids "Firefly" phone that has a button for Mommy, Daddy, and Police just makes calls, but I bought the iPhone to play games, watch videos, surf the Internet, control my computers remotely, and everything else it can do!

Overall I felt as if he was just patronizing me and saying that he didn't see a problem and if this happened to him he wouldn't have brought the phone in. That makes me feel like an idiot.

In the end I got a new phone, but to be honest, I don't feel like I won. I'm not trying to pull ****** down because maybe he was just having a bad day but in the world of customer service you can't let that affect you.

My biggest problem is that there is an Apple employee that is "specially trained" in customer service and technical know how though he won't look me in the eye or even try to acknowledge my problem.

Oh, and it looks like some other people have had this problem. I searched the forums after (yeah I should have done that first though) and dug up some info. Also, I wish I videotaped it something just to have proof but I have the word of some co-workers I showed if you are interested in asking them.

Apple Forum Thread: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=8587979

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

F.A.S.T. Bait & Switch?

This might just be a glitch but this could be a pretty slick way to get an extra buck out of you!

I've emailed SGN to see what they thought of it and I'm waiting on a reply.

Check out their site: sgn.com/fast/index.php

The game looks pretty good though, and I hear you can play blue tooth peer to peer.

** UPDATE **

No foul play here. Executive Producer Dan Brazelton just commented on my blog and said the following:

"No - no bait and switch. The price and description propagated on Apple's servers separately and imperfectly.

There was actually a time when it was $5 under WHAT'S HOT but $4 under TOP 25.

That's why we try to make price changes at night.

It should be settled now.

Thanks for your interest in our game, and sorry for the confusion.

Dan Brazelton
Executive Producer, SGN"

Thanks Dan!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Music Video Monday

Xbox 360 on 11,200 sq. ft. screen. Wowzers.

Green Twitter Avatars

When I first saw green overlayed Twitter profile pics I thought it was for people promoting "going green" or something but it turns out it was promoting the color of the movement for freedom in Iran.

I usually don't think that these type of things actually produce results. But I do see a chance that peoples green overlays will work.

It will put more eyes on the problem in Iran and more eyes equal more press which should get more pressure on those that can make decisions to do something.

In the same sense (business wise) that eyes = revenue, eyes = change. Though it's not guaranteed. But if enough people change their Twitter profile pics it will get press which will get press about the Iran situation (though there already is a ton of press but more can't hurt).

Does that make sense? Sorry if I'm rambling but my thoughts are kinda clouded but I thought I'd share my input. What do you think about this whole thing?

Oh and find out more about the green overlays here: #IranElection

Ring ring. It's for you.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Video taken on iPhone 3GS

My friend Ian shot some video on his new iPhone 3GS and I thought I would share it. It's pretty dang good! Oh, you record it then upload directly to YouTube. That's killer.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Into the Abyss

I recently got the OTB Abyss. If I were to tell you what they were up front, you probably would think I lost my mind.

This should sum it up:

The OTB Abyss Boot is ideal for use in any rocky or muddy situation, the sole unit also works well in dry conditions. With its superior fit and drainage features, this boot works well in any environment.

These boots were "designed & engineered at the request of the U.S. Navy SEALs."

And no, I didn't pay full price for them. I got them for a killer deal and these things seem totally worth it.

I got them to replace my aging Merrell Chameleons. Well not really replace but just to add to them. I'm not sure how the Abyss would handle cold and my Merrell's have that area covered.


So I had them for just a few weeks now but around one week after I have been using them I decided to give a review of what I noticed. I'll be posting an updated one and with video but this should be good for now.

1 Week Review

- Water from puddles get in. But isn't that the point? So maybe on really rainy days I wear goretex merrells (which don't breathe like these at all). ALTHOUGH, on rainy days I've noticed that they repel water like a mother and it's only when I get into real puddles do I notice some wetness.
- When water does "infiltrate" the boot, it tends to leave fairly quick and when I thought my sock would be soaked I was surprised to find it was nearly dry.
- Very comfortable even compared to sneakers.
- Stylish with jeans and other pants.
- Jogging in them is not out of the question, great flex and movement.
- Sometimes they squeak on stone floors at work.
-Feel bulky only when sitting down and crossing legs but only because it's a boot.
- Very lightweight feeling but still feel as if I can kick a few doors down.

Side Note Observations:
- When worn with dress pants I feel like a PMC (private military contractor), not really the look I was going for.
- When the metro rail goes by (Washington, DC), I feel the air rush through the boots and around my feet. That goes to show the breathability.
- I have worn these everyday and have not noticed any discomfort.

- They may not work with everyday outfits.
- Water gets in if you step in big puddles.

- This review was based on my own findings and observations and is not affiliated with OTB.
- I have not done a full submerge to see how well they drain but since I'm so close to the Potomac maybe I'll try it there.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thoughts on AT&T

In reference to the iPhone annoncement, ATT is like this:
It's like your in school and the teacher assigned a group and you have a project due in 6 months. Everyone wants to work together but one kid thinks you all should work solo. No one wants to be mean so all decide to work solo and put the pieces together later. When you reconvene, you realize he's the only one who didn't do his part. Thanks ATT, your that kid. Luckily everyone else did well enough that the overall score is a B.

I would start shopping for a new group member.

This is pretty darn accurate.

Friday, June 12, 2009


**I do not endorse this guy in any way. He might be good he might be bad. I didn't research him at all but had to go to his site for something at work and noticed his videos.**

This is only a sample of the different media on his site. His team is doing something well because they are really making sure to use a ton of different types of media as well as different "brands" of the same media, like different video players.

In this case, it's Google Video (thought that's kinda like using VHS these days), Blip.tv, and YouTube. He could/should have also used Seesmic, Flickr, Qik.... That would be awesome.

Doing something like this gets your name and face in tons of places with chances for more exposure. I love it. Once again, I know nothing about this guy and do not endorse him at all.

(don't click, it's just a still)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tunes Tuesday

This Tunes Tuesday is brought to you by TJ over at Scurds.com. I've said it before, I'm not very musically inclined (just check my iPod and you will see all kinds, and I mean all kinds of music) so I turn to him to give me all my music news.

This post he did isn't very recent but that's my fault and it's still interesting so check it out HERE.
Here is an excerpt on the post "And My Love for 60s music Re-Ignites":

"I’ve always loved music from the 60s. As a kid, my mom introduced me to pop music and would play me records from her youth– the Beatles, Neil Young, The Kinks, Sly Stone, Otis Redding, etc. Some I liked better than others, but a lot of it stuck with me.

Blame it on local Oklahoma radio stations, but I eventually got tired of the era as stations played and over played from the 60s cannon. Recently, I’ve spent my time and money following current music, but as the flow of new music tends to slow during the first of the year I decided to hit shuffle on the ol’ iPod classic and see what comes up.

The old stuff, after some time away, sounded so good. I was listening to it with fresh ears and I could even hear direct influences on today’s music in places I didn’t expect. It was great– quite refreshing really. I played these songs around my family. The kids loved them. Kym even loved them. (She was just pleased I wasn’t trying to stuff Animal Collective or TV on the Radio down her throat again).

Here are 10 songs which re-ignited my love for the decade and pretty much started an obsession. I’ve already created a 200 track playlist on my iPod and have created another list of songs I still need. Anyway, take a listen to these ten.

Here’s a bit on each track:
The Zombies – This Will Be Our Year

First off, a great song for the new year. Secondly, the Zombies are one of those amazing bands that actually don’t get played enough on the radio. You can’t go wrong with many of their songs, really, but this one just puts a big ass spring to my step."

Be sure to take the jump to read the rest of his picks. Oh, and follow him on Twitter: @TJClark

Monday, June 08, 2009


Hat tip to Pops.

Music Video Monday

It's 11 minutes long so feel free to jump around. The gamers out there will probably enjoy this more than you normals but its still pretty creative.

Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day was a few weeks ago but please tell me you did it! I had a big problem with my chainrings, mostly the middle one actually. I'll explain that in another post. But I got that problem fixed just in time for Bike to Work Day!

I live in Alexandria Virginia and work in downtown Washington DC so it really wasn't too hard to get to work, I just needed help with directions. I did a test ride a week before and got totally lost but for the official day I met up with a friend.

On my way to work I stopped off at Market Square in Old Town Alexandria to get some swag (got some neat little wallets and keychains and stuff, pretty fun!) and meet my buddy.

There was barely anyone out there and it was 6:45 so I was pretty surprised, I thought a ton of people would be crowding the bike path.

Working our way through downtown Washington DC was pretty cool. I love riding through the city.

Here is a pic that a photographer took of me on Bike to Work Day (I stopped and got his email address) and I have some other pics I took oh my phone but can't find it right now. Did you ride and how was it?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Home Internet Speed Test 20090607

Ran speed test from speakeasy.net/speedtest on 20090607 at 11:56pm.

WWDC 2009 Live Blogging

Live event coverage. Tomorrow at 10 AM PST, Apple is going to unveil some pretty neat stuff. I think you know what I'm talking about. My recommendation as to where to get your live blog info?

Best all around:
- MacRumors (unless they get hacked!)

For different perspectives:

A new one I've never tried and will be trying (thanks for the tip Just Another iPhone Blog):

Watching these live blogs is the next best thing to being there. Both update very timely and auto refresh and MacRumors Twitter is especially good if you are away from your computer. I highly recommend you follow them if you are on Twitter.

Scroop & Freds Route

Did a nice little run with my father in law. He has a route that him and my brother in law use to run a few times a week. I loaded up "Map My Ride" (just used it as a run, it works both ways) on my iPhone and decided to map it. I have used my Nike Plus Sport Band for this run before but I did both this time.

We actually don't start in front of the house we walk a few blocks then run to the end of a culdesac and start from there. Check out the map below.

This is the Nike Plus info. I sprinted at the end and had a nice speed burst on the "log"

Monday, June 01, 2009

Multi Update

Here's some stuff I'm excited about:

Halo 3 ODST


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Some interesting things. My family is on Twitter. Oh, and Facebook. I'm telling you, it's no longer safe to surf online.
They're everywhere.

- My brother is on Twitter - @nspetrucci
- My Dad is on Twitter - @mppraise
- My Mom in on Twitter - @calpetrucci

Just waiting on the sis, I'm sure she'll get on board in no time (it's just like Facebook status
updates, its easy!)

Oh, really random but we are getting a T3 (maybe more than one too, not sure) line at work. It's supposed to be screamin' fast. I heard it's like having 28 T1 lines. Yeah, I'd like to do a speakeasy.net/speedtest first though.

Speaking of speed tests, while visiting our parents, the wife drove so I busted out my laptop and did some tethering with my phone. Check out the speeds.

I was happy with the performance. Kinda drains the battery but it was worth it.

I love my Xbox. Really. It can do a lot. Some of us guys discussed Playstation vs Xbox and the general consensus was that Sony has no idea what they are doing. Just sitting on their butts not doing a thing with their console. Xbox however has added Netflix (which is amazing) and has talks of Last.fm, Facebook, and Hulu. Yeah, big things.

There was an article written in XBN magazine a while ago (not sure of the date) and I like it so I ripped it out of the magazine and kept it. Don't worry Mom, I threw away the magazine.

"Xbox Nation tracks the players in the great console car race of 2003. Drop the
checkered flag...

If game consoles were cars, then the three players in the market would be very different idee. The PlayStation 2 would be a Toyota Camry: It's competent, reliable, the best seller in its class, and bought by everyone who doesn't have the imagination or desire to buy something more interesting. GameCube would be a Subaru Impreza: Made for enthusiasts, it's hardcore, small, fast, and something that appeals to niche tastes.
But what of Xbox? A Cadillac Escalade. Big, powerful, all-American luxury that's recently found it's cutting-edge niche. Without a doubt, the Xbox is tech."

If you're a gamer at all you can relate to that. Isn't that cool?! Oh well, maybe not.

Did you know that I have a year of free Cici's Pizza? Well, it's one buffet a month but how cool is that?! My brother, his girlfriend Michelle, and our friend Dave all camped out a few hours early for the grand opening because they had free buffets for a year for the first 50 customers.

Jenni's painting again, and some really great stuff too. I'm taking pictures of her stuff, but they really don't do it justice. Here's one of her latest works.

I've been using Twitter a lot so if you aren't noticing my updates, head over to twitter.com/mikepetrucci because I post a lot more often than I do here. I should post more but I get busy. Sometimes doing real things and sometimes just busy with silly stuff, but busy is busy right? Just bookmark it to get updates or better yet, sign up and follow me for instant updates. It's fun. I think.

I can't think of what else is new at the moment so I'll leave you with all that. Enjoy your week.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Men vs. Wild with Will Ferrell

Embedding was disabled so here is a screen cap. Watch the trailer here.

If it itches...

sorry, you know who you are.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

National Parks and Firearms (but only you can prevent fires)

Thanks for the find Mark!


BC-US--Guns-National Parks,0088 Senate votes to allow guns in national parks Eds: APNewsNow; will be led. With BC-US--Congress-Credit Cards By MATTHEW DALY Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate has voted to allow people to carry loaded guns in national parks and wildlife refuges.

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., sponsored the measure, which would restore a Bush administration policy allowing loaded guns in national parks.

A federal judge blocked the policy in March, and the Obama administration declined to file an appeal.

The gun amendment was attached to a bill imposing restrictions on credit card companies. The bill was approved 90-5.
The measure now goes to the House, where approval is expected.
(Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
AP-NY-05-19-09 1319EDT

That's how I roll

I used to have this.

This is what it could do.

I miss her.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In case you missed it...

- My brother in law made me an awesome steak

- Showed how to balance an egg on a table

- TJ dropped two belt notches [via scurds] - that's pretty cool.

- I ran 4 miles on my lunch break (around the Capitol and
Washington Monument)

- Got a pic I took on my iPhone (while running on my lunch break) used on CleanSkies.tv
(watch the Energy Report from 5/12)

- I biked a few miles with Danny, doing some trackstands and watching planes land. No Dad and Nick, not submarine races. (Watch Video via Qik)

- Practiced my trackstand

- Finally ate the top of our wedding cake (just days from our 2 yr anniversary)

- Getting ready to celebrate my 2 year wedding anniversary

- Did a quick review of the Remington Summit air rifle

- I biked into DC (trying to bike to work but got lost!)

WTF Wednesday

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Comin' at ya with some Dragon Tales. Yeah, I enjoy this show.

Please buy this for me!

Tactical bacon. Those are two things I LOVE the sound of! Ok, the main reason I want this is because it's bacon, ask my mother in law. The second reason is because tell one of my friends or coworkers about this and they will agree that "it's a must have for Mike." Here is a description:

"New from CMMG! Its Tactical Bacon in a can. Fully cooked and fully prepared. 10+ year shelf life. Perfect for camping, hunting, zombie standoffs, end of the world scenarios etc. Don't be caught without Tac Bac!"


Friday, May 08, 2009

How to shut up a scammer.

Funny Airsoft

Reporting Live from the "Blog Van"

What's up? Nothin, nothin. Just comin' at you from MY VAN! Yeah, I have a van, don't worry, it's cool. Really. I'm putting in a putting green in the back. Just wait.

Anyway, I got my lady to pick me up (such a sweetie) and I'm riding shotgun so I can tether and get some Internets on my compy.

Check out a pic of my baby boy, he like the car. Usually.

Sweet fauxhawk though right?!

Cat Snake

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Get ready for work in 5 minutes.

Thanks Danny.

Walk it off! [IED Edition]

Wordle Wednesday [Thursday Edition]

It's not Wednesday. Also, this isn't from my blog, but from my deli.ico.us account.

The Joys of Riding the Metro

On the Metro. Waiting for service (AT&T). Might as well blog a little. Is it mine as well or might as well? I never really know so stumble through it fast and no one ever notices.

When I got on the metro, there was an open seat. My rule is to fill the open seats (2 can fit) before sitting next to someone. But there wasn't anyone at all in this row and the train wasn't packed so I figured it was safe. Meaning, people steered away from it because a person with swine flu was sitting there. It looked fine.

Well, upon closer inspection, just as I was about to sit down (and I always slide to the window to not take both seats), I saw some liquid on the outside seat. Not sure what it is bit re only answer thats getting me through this ride is the hope it might be condensation from a frozen lunch in a plastic bag.

Oh, I sat down obviously. I just didn't slide across both seats, I was very careful. But I'm not a true germophobe so I can stomach sitting next to it.

What do you think it is? I'll post a pic.

I'm almost done my commute and have grown attached to the blob. Maybe I'll use some as cologne... Hah, just kidding! This thing is gross! I just hope someone sits next to me! Though the train isn't crowded at all.

The stain may seem super gross but if you ride mass transit, think of how grosser the rails and handles are. So wash those paws kids!

Thanks for riding metro rail. Doors open on the left.

- Sent from my iPhone

High Blood Pressure?

Thanks Matt.

Fastest Bike in the West

Over 82 mph? Ok, that's nuts.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thoughts on the Kindle

I don't have a Kindle. I have never really even used one except for a few seconds to play with a dummy one, or was that a Sony... It was a while ago. Anyway, I get the idea.

I do have the Kindle app on my iPhone though and have read a ton of sample books and even bought one book and gave it a real try. It works great!

The problem I had with Kindle as of a month ago: It's too expensive.

The problem I have with Kindle (both of them) as of now: They are WAY too expensive.


Dear Amazon,

The Kindle is pretty amazing. It's small, lightweight and uber portable. E-ink is freakin crazy cool wizardry. But it's too expensive. You needed to make the regular size Kindle $200. But now that you made a big version (why?) you really need to lower the prices. Do what Apple would have done and make the big one the price of the old little one and make the little one $200. Is your overhead really that massive? You will sell way way way more of these if you lower those prices. Your chance to corner the market is now.




That's all.

Shock and Awe

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Facebook Phishing

I just got an email from Facebook saying one of my friends sent me a message. It said "Hello" and "Visit:" and it had a link. I won't put it on here but if you are interested, it ended up being routed to fbaction.net DO NOT VISIT! It's not Facebook. They just want your login. I could be wrong, but why risk it, just login to Facebook from Facebook.com.

*update* I've made the change but it's not fbaction.com its FBACTION.NET. fbaction.com is not a threat, thanks 'the cliff'!

Here is Facebook.com

Here is fbaction.net (looks similar...)

Evening Ride

Living in DC makes real trail mountain biking a little more difficult than being away from the city. There are some legit trails nearby and I hate to say it but I have not touched my tire to their soil. It's ok, I'm still getting some pedal time in but it seems the only trail time I get is the Delaware singletrack I hit up with brother when I visit family.

My latest bike "training" regimen (just something to get my butt used to the saddle again and get my legs prepped) is riding from my apartment in Old Town Alexandria to Mount Vernon. I think it's about 10 miles or somewhere around there, I forgot to check my bike computer but either way, its a nice paved "trail" through the woods and along the Potomac and it doesn't really seem to get too boring because theres always something to look at.

Something I really find great enjoyment in is hunting down roadies while I'm on my mountain bike. Sneaking up and blowing past always feel really good, especially if their in spandex too. Let me point out that I wear spandex as well though, but if they are all geared up and on a road bike, shouldn't they be fast?

Anyway, I just started my ride and I was still on the road, waiting to go under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge then up a steepish hill alongside of it and really get onto the Mount Vernon Trail. I saw this roadie ahead of me and I thought I would make it my goal to catch him.

I like to do that when I run or bike... making little games really helps to not feel tired or get bored. Most athletes have a little game they play or something they think about to not focus on pain or what not.

So, here I am tracking this guy down, he beats me to the underpass so I figure I'll try and catch him on the uphill. I just started my ride so I'm feeling fairly strong and he may not be. As I turn the corner to start the hill, I see him and another roadie. That other guy is struggling so I add him to my list. I get to the top just a few bike lenghts behind them and instead of sitting, I gear up and mash to take over the new roadie.

I flew by him as the first little downhill section started and now had my crosshairs right on my original target. Moving in for the kill, I have to wait because of a narrow bridge and some runners. But I store some adrenaline for times like this, don't give it all, just a teeny tiny bit. I get up on his rear wheel and then shoot around, slingshot style, careful to demotivate him enough to keep from trying to draft and re-slingshot. I look down, we're both going around 18 mph (mostly because of the downhill, on my MTB I can usually only sustain 16 in normal conditions but spurts higher aren't unusual).

After a few second, I look back, hes not close. I won! That's how I see it anyway, but I now he may want revenge. I get cocky and even though my goal was an easy trip to Mount Vernon, I'll race this guy till I run out gas. I'm not ready to give up the yellow jersey just yet.

I look back again, hes gotten real close, within a bike length, so I'm kinda spooked and push it again, trying to put some distance between us. Well, whatever I did, it worked, he was back where was before. But we did this cat and mouse for a while until all of a sudden he was drafting me and and starting to pass on my left.

Now, this is what I think happened. At the end of my run/ride I like to pick a person or an object ahead and just sprint to it as fast as I possibly can and treat it as the last seconds of a race. I think that's what he was doing because after he tried to pass I never saw him again and we came up on a parking lot so I bet he was finishing up.

Ok, hes starting to pass. How did I not even see him get closer?! Oh well, no time to think about it. I wasn't going to pull away sitting down and even though you lose efficiency standing, I had to. I was just about out of fuel from racing and my max was being pushed so that if he challenged me one more time I would probably have to concede but he doesn't know that! Poker face right?! So I stand up and gear up and just pump. Pulling on the handlebars feeling like I was ripping the bike apart I finally gained some real distance.

He's got nothing on me. And that was the last I saw of him. He got beat by a dude on an mountain bike with a full camelbak (3 liters of water, tube, patch kit, tire levers, 2 sets of tools, a gerber multi tool, my gerber lmf knife, wallet, and jacket).

The rest of the ride to Mount Vernon was very uneventful, just cruising, nodding to runners/walkers/cyclists and even a pair of windsurfers enjoying the relatively warm weather. It was downright oppressive the day before but the weather for this ride was great.

At the very end of the ride, there is a small hill and then a steep hill to the parking lot atop Mount Vernon. I was just going to keep a steady pace and stay in my saddle until I head a clickety clack behind me. Another roadie was passing me. I was too out of it to put up a fight and let him pass. Then I stayed on his tail best I could but then I saw the top of the lot, I had to beat him! Just another gear up and standup and I was gone! Left him in the dust! Ok, maybe just a few inches, but thats only because I had to pass him in such little time.

Then I just tooled around the lot for a sec, trying to get my breath back and drink some water. Turning my wheel back towards where I just came, I knew there were some killer downhills waiting for me as well as a hot meal my wife was taking care of to have ready for me when I got home.

A great day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bad Guys Die, Hostage Rescued [Guest Post]

On the subject of pirates... someone want to buy me this shirt? Navy Seal Sniper Pirate T-Shirt

My Dad posted this on his blog and I really wanted to post the same here. Very true stuff and certainly something that should be passed on. Enjoy, and check out his blog for more great stuff: Onesimus3

"What great news! A victim/hostage has been rescued. And the perpetrators received the consequence of their actions.

Now, I am sure that there is going to be some pundit somewhere who is going to criticize the USA for being such a monster when it comes to handling international affairs. And so let's keep things in perspective, Captain Richard Phillips was trying to earn a living delivering humanitarian aid to African people. He was not intending to do anyone harm, just doing his job which included providing help to others in need. Nothing he did was intended to provoke 4 men bent on doing evil. These were 4 thugs who deserved what they got.

Contrary to contemporary world culture and even American society, Evil people should be punished for their actions. They are violating not only American law, and possibly international law, but most importantly God's law. Galatians 6:7 states that "God will not be mocked- a man will reap what he sows. If he sows to the flesh he will reap destruction."
For too long now we have been excusing evil, wrong behavior, and sin, It was only a month ago when a pastor was shot and killed in Illinois and the press tried to link the murder to the shooter suffering from Lyme Disease. Pulease! There is evil in our world. And evil reared its ugly head 5 days ago off the coast of the Horn of Africa.

And although the Bible tells us that "God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, He much prefers that they turn from their evil ways" (Ezekiel 18:23), numerous times in His Word He also tells us that"Evil men will be cutoff", Pslam 37:9, and "Evil men will bow in the presence of good men" Proverbs 14:19.

Why should evil triumph so often in our world? Why do we so seldom expect this kind of outcome where bad guys die and the good guys live? And I just wonder if the media, in the days ahead will try to turn the tables and try to vilify the good guys. I pray not this time.
God Bless these superbly trained Navy Seals. They too are a group of good guys who are just going about their job, rescuing lives. Protecting good men from evil men.
Pastor P"

This would be really cool.

I thought it would be really cool to fly UAV's and this is probably the closest most of us will get to actually doing it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too much broken stuff.

Stuff seems to break in groups for me. iPhone, bike, laptop, Xbox... That might be all, luckily. Also, luckily is the fact that almost all of them will be fixed for free! All but the bike really.

Two paths diverge in a yellow wood... one is the anti glare coating and the other is the original iPhone glass screen. On my current and soon to be replaced iPhone I have the anti glare plastic shield. I really really like it but the more I use a friends iPhone that is the pure beauty with no barrier I find myself really liking that one as well. What to do?!

Ok, so that's one gadget, the next is my work laptop. Somehow I broke the "y" key off. I have it but it won't stay on. The little plastic tab is broken on one side. This happened before and they fixed it no problem so I get that fixed at the Apple store at the same time.

The Xbox? Yeah, finally red ringed for good. I was red ringed 4 or 5 times during power outages and stuff but it came back on just fine. But in the middle of a pretty decent game of Call of Duty Modern Warfare it died. Screeching and freezing the video. I was about to call in an air strike! 3 rings mean 3 yr warranty so its getting fixed for free, they even comped the shipping. Which they should! Because 2 in 3 xbox owners I know have had to send theirs back! Jeez...

The bike? Nothing real real major just need new chain rings because I wore out the middle one (won't hold the chain under any pressure) and the big ones gonna go soon too (mostly due to logs and rocks I bet).

That's all for now though, once I get those fixed we'll be ok I guess. And only the bike is costing me money! But I'll go to the Apple store today or tomorrow and get that iPhone squared away and hopefully I'll get a whole new one!