Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Joys of Riding the Metro

On the Metro. Waiting for service (AT&T). Might as well blog a little. Is it mine as well or might as well? I never really know so stumble through it fast and no one ever notices.

When I got on the metro, there was an open seat. My rule is to fill the open seats (2 can fit) before sitting next to someone. But there wasn't anyone at all in this row and the train wasn't packed so I figured it was safe. Meaning, people steered away from it because a person with swine flu was sitting there. It looked fine.

Well, upon closer inspection, just as I was about to sit down (and I always slide to the window to not take both seats), I saw some liquid on the outside seat. Not sure what it is bit re only answer thats getting me through this ride is the hope it might be condensation from a frozen lunch in a plastic bag.

Oh, I sat down obviously. I just didn't slide across both seats, I was very careful. But I'm not a true germophobe so I can stomach sitting next to it.

What do you think it is? I'll post a pic.

I'm almost done my commute and have grown attached to the blob. Maybe I'll use some as cologne... Hah, just kidding! This thing is gross! I just hope someone sits next to me! Though the train isn't crowded at all.

The stain may seem super gross but if you ride mass transit, think of how grosser the rails and handles are. So wash those paws kids!

Thanks for riding metro rail. Doors open on the left.

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The Breakfast Club said...

You should have licked it. And it's might as well.