Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Middle o'week

Yep, it's that time again! Middle of the week! Awesome!

zzzz.... Oh! Sorry, I dozed off...
I went to bed late last night. Not a good idea.

I just need some coffee...

Oh, I've been working on my project bike, my old Specialized Hardrock. It's up and running! It's a single speed. It's pretty cool! I'm going to make it a commuter bike. I wish my work had showers... I don't want to get a YMCA subscription so I'm waiting unitl the weather gets cooler out.

It's single speed, has mountian bike slicks, SPD/flat pedals, and only one brake (rear). Yeah, I need the other one, but I can't remember where I put it...

I just need to find some cheap panniers so I can load my stuff on the bike instead of on my back!

Also, I want to paint it glossy white. I think that would look pretty cool. And I want a rigid fork. I'm waiting for my LBS (local bike shop) to get one that they are throwing away so I can take it off their hands.

Does anyone know of a good coffee house in downtown Tulsa? I'm thinking about ducking out for some...

Ok, gotta go, talk to you later!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Baron Von Bear

I don't know if any of you know him, but my best friend from when I was younger (Joe Bob Bodinga) is in a band and they have some really great music. Check out the video below!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hangin out relaxing outside of the school...

Nick and I are at Nordaggios. Yep, we are drowning our sorrows in coffee. It's not too good tonight though. I feel bad because his "place" is shades of brown.

Why is there actually work at work? I thought work was just a place for adults to go to a sort of daycare. But you do some stuff and every now and then they pay you.

In my other jobs in the past, I had stuff to do and things would be either hard or fast paced, but eventually there would be some time where you could sit back and just relax.

I guess that's why they call it the "real world."

I am quickly accumulating so many various responsibilities that I wear about 4 or 5 different "hats." Not that I don't enjoy it, but I've never worked so hard before.

I'm actually very proud of my hard work. What brought me to think of all this? Today, I worked nonstop all day. Really! I even worked during my lunch and took a very small lunch break strictly in the name of replenishment.

But this week is special. It's not usually this busy, but it's our launch week and there are extra duties to be done. I really could have eased back, but I didn't want to come in this weekend.

Oh, I need some new jeans, and maybe some new shoes.

Currently drinking: Chai Train - 20 oz (I'm not sleeping tonight!)

What was I talking about? Oh, work... Yeah, I like some downtime, some time where I can just surf the internet or go to the bathroom for a longer period of time. If you don't know it, I love a good bathroom break. I may not even actually use it, but just the act of sitting there, I love.

Also, I don't want to seem lazy, but I'm just saying that I enjoy my downtime. Although, work all day does make the day fly by!

I need to post some pictures but I haven't really taken any recently. Just some with my Helio. You can check those out on my Flickr page (

Did anyone switch over to yet? Maybe not switch, but even sign up? Look for me if you did, I'll add you to my friends.

Nick is still here. It's a lot of fun having him around. Living in my place... It's so weird but so cool! He even helps clean! But that comes at the cost of breaking my new vacuum... I don't know what to think...

I told him he could ride my bike whenever he wanted and today he took it up to Turkey Mountain. He likes it!

Well, I better get going. Thats it for now!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh Gosh!

Geez people... someone goes a few months without updating their blog, and the whole world collapses!

Truth is, I've been busy hanging out with my friends. Cassidy, my old roommate came in from Colorado, and my brother Nick, came in from Delaware. They planned to stay from Saturday till Wednesday. Cassidy had to leave because of work, but Nick found a way to stay till Monday.

It was a lot of fun seeing Cassidy again. I got to take him by my work and show him around. I took Nick to work with me today. It's pretty boring up until the live show, so he went out for some coffee, then came back before the show. During the show he even helped!

Anyway, the heat has gotten more bearable here. It was actually quite nice yesterday! Although its a little humid right now...

Oh, Maggie moved in right across from us! It's so cool! I mean, it's not like Maggie hang out all the time, but it's fun having her around.

Also, just to let you know, this post is going to jump around quite a bit...

While Nick and I were surfing the net earlier today, we came across these pics.

Playstation 3 booth at some gaming convention (awesome!):

Pantone color coffee mug (even awesomer!):

So what else is new? A lot I guess, it's just busy. I'm trying to maximize time with my friends but work just gets in the way! Ughh... I wish I was back in school... but got a paycheck... and didn't go to classes...

If you haven't checked it out, you need to visit Virb -
It's like MySpace (social networking) but I like it way better! It integrates my blog (updates post automatically), my Flickr account, Twitter, and it's just overall clean and cool looking!

Currently listening to: Teardrop - Massive Attack

Work has been busy because this week is launch week, but it's not too bad. I'm learning a lot, both from a technical standpoint and from a "learning how people think" standpoint.

I spend so much of my time at work either rendering or exporting or squeezing or uploading... My friend Justin at work helped me setup a thing on my laptop that lets me remotely access my computer at work from home or wherever. This comes in really handy when I have something exporting, and that will probably take a few hours, so I can leave early, then at home, just login and upload the files. I did it today, it works great!

Oh, before I forget, today after work, Nick and I went to McNellie's for lunch then to Dwelling Spaces (.com). At McNellie's, Nick got the charburger and I got the grilled cheese (with tomato and bacon). Then we cut them in half and split it. We also got half and half sweet potato fries and pub fries. Oh so good!

Currently watching: Becker (it came on after Seinfeld and King of Queens)

Nick and I just got back from QuikTrip with our milkshakes in hand. Glorious milkshakes...

I hope that is enough for now! Talk to you later!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mike & TJ at Big Blue Whale

Originally uploaded by scrappapervlog
TJ, Chase, and myself went to Catoosa to check out the Big Blue Whale. It's on Route 66, so check it out!

Popcorn button or old scool time?

I don't know if you understood the title, so let me rephrase...

How many of you just hit the popcorn button on the microwave when you microwave something? My brother got me started on it, now I do it all the time.

It's easier than typing in time!

Anyway, comment if you have something to say about that.

Anyway, the heat is getting crizazy in Tulsa! It's really just the humidity I guess. It makes it so sticky!

Jenni keeps threatening to move somewhere really really cold. I don't mind cold! I was thinking maybe North Dakota or something, but it gets hot there too right? I really like Oregon and Washington state (I think). Although I heard it rains up there...

Hey! Don't forget to be checking my Flickr page every now and again. When I take a picture on my phone, it uploads directly to Flickr even when I'm just driving or something.

I guess that's about it. I'm going to post some pictures in a sec, hang on!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Stuck in Rush Hour

A friend at work, Justin, gave me two tickets to see Rush Hour 3 tonight. Jenni and I went and it wasn't too bad! It had a lot of funny moments, although it could be pretty ridiculous at times. It was perfect because we were just saying to ourselves that we should go see a movie!

It's pretty hot here, so we are just kind of staying inside. Also, Tiger Woods is just down the street. The PGA is at Southern Hills. Almost all of ORU's parking lots and grass is now devoted to PGA parking.

That's all I really have for now. We've been pretty busy and I can't wait till the weekend to sleep in! See ya!


Monday, August 06, 2007

Jenni posin

Jenni posin
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We were leaving church and I thought she looked cute! Strike a pose!

Friday, August 03, 2007

His and her ice cream

His and her ice cream
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Jenni and I went to Freckles last night after a photo exhibit for Zane Yost.

Check out his work:

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hey! Hey! You! You! I don't like your girlfriend!

Just kidding! It's just an Avril song.
Don't tell anyone I listen to Avril...

Well, I'm tired of the Tour. The Tour de French for those non cyclists. Too much scandal for me. I tell you what, you don't see that in mountain bike racing. Or at least I don't know about it...

Just ridiculous stuff.
I can't say it any better than a fellow blogger. Check out his blog:


The Tour is Dead

Now it's Rasmussen.

With just four days to go in the Tour de France, the favorite to win the race has been fired by his own team and the yellow jersey is tainted once again. Team Rabobank today announced that Michael Rasmussen had been kicked out of the world's biggest cycling race because he lied about his whereabouts when he missed a series of drug tests this year.

This is the one time of year I turn on my TV. I love watching the Tour. Completing the race is an amazing feat.

But this is too much.

If the UCI doesn't sort this out, I don't know if even I'll be watching next year."

I couldn't say it any better! But I do have to say that I didn't even watch barely any of it. I don't have cable and I'm not too into road cycling, but it's cycling none the less.

I was supposed to go mountain biking yesterday, but I had a staff meeting at the end of the day that went too long. Gosh I miss the trail.

It's also just so darn hot! You have to really exert yourself to go. It doesn't bother me when I'm out there, but it's just before hand...

But this Saturday morning, Jenni and I and at least Bob (from COTM) are going to meet at Turkey for a ride. I really enjoy the Church On The Move crew. Great guys (and gals now!).

I think I need to do more video blogging...

I can use my little Minolta X50 to shoot some decent video and I'll upload it. Yeah, I think I can do that. In fact, I'll do that right now!

Stay tuned for a video post!