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Foto Friday 20090227

The 'Green' Reaper
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The 'Green' Reaper - birthed the idea, I shaped it, and my wife drew the painted it. He's bringing the end to fossil fuels!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

[Belated] WTF Wednesday

Firecrackers can be pretty nasty little things.  I learned that they are also pretty loud, thanks to my sister who found one with a wick about a millimeter long.... "light it and throw it mike!"  Duh... "ok!"  Well, luckily it exploded right when I pulled my arm back and was in perfect line with my ear.  Which was ringing for what felt like months!

Anyway, be careful playing with firecrackers.  Is that the right phrase?

Follow this link for the WTF Wednesday, thanks AAC.

Desktop Thursday 20090226

Another great image from

I love the clarity of the Black Hawk. The sun and the clouds is pretty amazing too.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paramedic Punched

More thoughts on Fringe (TV Show)

A friend commented about Lost & Fringe.  To me?  Two very very very different shows.  But here's what I think of Fringe.  And I've added my other posts below for reference (I typed these up earlier).

A typical episode on Fringe

- Life is normal

- Someone dies in a strange way

- "Old doctor man, do you know what caused this?"

- "I worked with someone in the past.... he must have perfected this."

- Son: [negative comment negative comment]

- Blonde: "Im getting in my undies to take the mind jacuzzi"

- Other girl: "My name is Astrid"

- All at once: "Lets get the bad guy!"

- Mission completed but we still don't know the overall reason why these things are happening.


Why did I watch episode 4.. I don't know...

*Oh, and I'm taking these notes as I watch, so I'm not looking back things and some things may be wrong later.

**SPOILER ALERT (if you haven't watched it yet)**

Bald guy reminded me of cockroach man from MIB. Not from physical appearance but from attitude. "Need sugar water." Get it, the bald guy wanted barely cooked roast beef and 11 jalepenos... Each have their weird diets.

Oh, and about the pic of the guy in Quantico from 1987... Why is he wearing digital camo?

Digital camo wasn't used until 2004. Ok, you may say that the pic is a recent pic of him... still serving... but why is the picture of him and the picture of the mysterious object in black and white? C'mon! We have color film! We've had color film since 1942! Either way, it should be in color. That's why they need a consultant. Hire me!

Overall, this was actually a good episode. There was a healthy dose of suspense and just a touch of sarcasm while the other 3 had much more sarcasm. But, there is still something missing. Maybe this is a "LOST" that my kid brother can follow? I don't know.

Random Thoughts:

- The dude with the watch cap and nail gun was from Generation Kill if I'm not mistaken. Nice surprise.

- "Civilian Consultant to the Department of Homeland Security" I need to get credentials and a title like that!

- I love the open to this show, the music and graphics, it's kinda like House, but different.

Watch this video (click link)

This is not the embedded video (thats why I made the pic tiny), it was disabled, but you have to watch this video.  This guy is funny but he hits some interesting things.

Click here to watch.

Click here to watch.

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

I almost didn't remember this one.  Whoa, brings back memories.

Part 1

Part 2

Friday, February 20, 2009

Foto Friday 20090220

This lady did not clean up after her dog. Just because your dog is tiny and cute and wears a fashionable sweater, it doesn't mean it's poop comes out glittery and smelling like fresh flowers. I bet she doesn't even live on this street but only walks her dog here. She probably doesn't want poop where she frequents.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Desktop Thursday 20090219

I love the smoke in the sky with the setting sun. It's got some great coloring. And it's not too cluttered at all, which makes for a great desktop. Check out the original on's photostream:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Survival Strap Spotted in the Wild!

[Survival Straps] I have an ACU one with the black side clasp.  Josh has a black extra wide with the metal clasp.  15 feet and 20 feet of 550 cord, respectively, just in case.

Check it out!

Found in this article:

in this magazine:

WTF Wednesday

You all have probably seen this but I was waiting till a Wednesday to "air" it.  Enjoy it again anyway.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What did I do this weekend?

- Ate a hubcap sized burger at Union Station.

- Shot over 100 rounds of 5.56mm.  Jenni and Danny helped.

- Installed some fun new iPhone apps.  One in particular.

- Had Monday off so I watched Season 8 of Seinfeld.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Saturday Morning Cartoons

In this three part series you follow Inspector Gadget, one of the greatest detectives of our time. Oh, I had to add the intro separate because for some reason it wasn't on part one. Have a great Saturday and Valentines Day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I was Lost but I'm starting to see.

Ok, so I've been really getting into Lost again.  It took a few episodes but now I'm hooked, and hooked hard.

If you don't read any of Doc Jensens or EW's stuff on Lost, you are probably missing out on a ton of stuff.

After watching some of their videos and reading a few articles, these are the things that stood out to me the most.  Oh, and if you aren't caught up, SPOILER ALERT!

Things that I thought were crazy/interesting:

- Charles Whitmore (Whidmore?) as a young boy and the smirk that John gives him, awesome.

- Desmond's son's name is Charlie.  I thought of island Charlie when I heard that but a friend from work thought Penny's dad.  

- Richard visits John as a kid and John drew a pic of the smoke monster, I can't find a screen shot yet (I love smokey!)

Doc Jensen and gang:

- Anagram of Bens van? "Reincarnation"

- Aaron isn't going back to the island.  Remember Ben's list?  Aaron wasn't on it and thats why he wants to separate Kate from him.

- Jin and Russeu (spelling?), does she recognize him (during first season)?  Really, watch the video and she stares at him for a few extra seconds acting like he looks familiar.

- The airline water and outriggers are from the Oceanic 6 as they return to the island and they are shooting at Sawyer and crew!  Crazy!

- Where is the bomb ultimately buried?  Remember in the first season when Sayid (spelling?) is digging and says he hasn't seen concrete poured like this since Chernobyl.  Hmmm...

- Jack = Daniel.  They both wear backpacks, grow bad beards, and are sort of leaders.  Jack was supposed to be the one jumping through time and him and Sayid could have disarmed that bomb but since he left, the island had to find a new Jack.  Kind of a stretch but I'll buy it.

That's all for now.  Check out the videos and articles on Entertainment Weekly.  Prepare to have your mind blown.



Foto Friday with Templeton

My dog and I went for a jog the other day, it was pretty chilly but he does fine as long as he keeps moving. He's usually wore out with our pace but he looks pretty interested in something right now!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Desktop Thursday 20090212

Originally uploaded by mikejulietpapa
It's Thursday already?! Well, I thought some camo would dress up my computer. The green is kinda calming...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WTF Wednesday

LOST Untangled

Possible spoilers if you aren't caught up but I found this to be a very interesting and informative (and funny) way to catch up.

Monday, February 09, 2009

What did I do this weekend?

- Drove a 740i all weekend.

- Played laser tag.

- Was a groomsmen in my sisters wedding.

- Learned to ride a dirtbike.

Music Video Monday

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Bump in the Night - Part 1 of 2

Bump in the Night - Part 2 of 2

Friday, February 06, 2009

Foto Friday

Just a pic from my ORU days.  Walking by the hall of mirrors and thought I'd snap a pic.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ode to Adam

Desktop Thursday [20090205]

Way boring, I know but sometimes it helps to clear the mind when you have a clean calm slate. This is just the standard Mac OSX Leopard wallpaper. It's still cool though.

25 Random Things About Me

1. I have fathered 7 children (that I know of)

2. I am the proud owner of a titanium spork.

3. In grad school I did the biathlon competitively but a ricochet to my shooting put that path on the back burner (gone to state meets but never placed podium).

4. Whenever I'm all alone on a road at night with no houses nearby, I like to hold my car horn down for 10 seconds but then stop because I'm afraid it will run out.

5. I once broke my big toe and had a cast up to my knee for six weeks because I kicked my brothers shin.

6. I once watched a marathon of Designing Women (and truly enjoyed it).

7. I'm terribly afraid of breathing (really, it makes me stop just thinking about it)

8. I have a 6.5 x 7 inch patch of hair on my back.

9. While running the Los Angeles Marathon I had bowel problems and met Sharon Stone while I was pooping in the ladies room at the Ivy.

10. I have never ever taken any drugs or alcohol in any shape or form.

11. I act mostly outgoing but I'm still super nervous and shy in front of new people.

12. I can ride my bike with no handlebars.

13. I'm not afraid of heights, just falling from them.

14. While some can transcend time and space, I can only transcend time.

15. I've never licked a spark plug.

16. I not sure about ambiguity.

17. Once on a dare, I ate a beetle the size of a golf ball (it was mostly the exoskeleton but still tasted horrible)

18. I can't buy new underwear, it has to be used, thanks Nick. (oh, but washed)- When I was little, I shot a pigeon with a cork gun and had little to no remorse.

19. I also laugh out loud to Suite Life of Zach and Cody (TJ).

20. When I was little, ever time a commercial came on with a phone number said to call, I called (really, Jenny Craig... anything).

21. My biggest fear is cats turning into people, not the other way around.

22. I absolutely love the word "voluptuous." 

23. Once in college, I wore the same pair of khakis for 3 months (every day) because I hated doing laundry.

24. Just today, I called 911 for a woman on the street who fell on the ice, she was kind of unresponsive at first but eyes open and breathing.  I also put my jacket on her while waiting for the ambulance (18 degrees F).

25. More than half of these facts are true the rest are fake, you decide.

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Music Video Monday

Josh showed me this and it's pretty dang cool.  This guy is a good musician too but these hang drums are fly.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Foto Friday [Extra Dose]

Colorado Trip (91)
Originally uploaded by mikejulietpapa
Since I missed last weeks Foto Friday I thought I'd throw another in. From the same Colorado trip. Kids, don't try this at home. Unless you're home is Colorado. In that case, only you can prevent forest fires. Oh, and for the record, I did not inhale.

[Missed] Photo Friday

Colorado Trip (96)
Originally uploaded by mikejulietpapa
Cassidy took this on our trip Sophomore year to Colorado. Pretty neat huh?! I look kinda scary but the flames look awesome!

Morning Geocaching

I took Templeton for a walk this morning before church and I thought we would make it interesting and try for a few geocaches!  Living in Old Town, I'm sure there would be a ton of micro caches, which I really don't like. 

 I like full size caches because they have goodies and it feels more like buried treasure but these micro caches are dang hard to find!  But it wouldn't be a huge problem if I had a real gps but I use the Geocaching iPhone app and it's not super super accurate but it works!

Anyway, we found 3 today.  Good finds too.  Two had real logs and the other you just have to email the user the info he asked.  Oh, and my wife and I found 2 yesterday, so booya!

If you have a GPS or an iPhone with the Geocaching app, try it out!  It's free and it's a lot of fun.  I actually never even explained it.... it's like hunting for treasure with latitude and longitude and little hints.  It's really fun, now I just have to catch up to my brother!