Friday, February 13, 2009

I was Lost but I'm starting to see.

Ok, so I've been really getting into Lost again.  It took a few episodes but now I'm hooked, and hooked hard.

If you don't read any of Doc Jensens or EW's stuff on Lost, you are probably missing out on a ton of stuff.

After watching some of their videos and reading a few articles, these are the things that stood out to me the most.  Oh, and if you aren't caught up, SPOILER ALERT!

Things that I thought were crazy/interesting:

- Charles Whitmore (Whidmore?) as a young boy and the smirk that John gives him, awesome.

- Desmond's son's name is Charlie.  I thought of island Charlie when I heard that but a friend from work thought Penny's dad.  

- Richard visits John as a kid and John drew a pic of the smoke monster, I can't find a screen shot yet (I love smokey!)

Doc Jensen and gang:

- Anagram of Bens van? "Reincarnation"

- Aaron isn't going back to the island.  Remember Ben's list?  Aaron wasn't on it and thats why he wants to separate Kate from him.

- Jin and Russeu (spelling?), does she recognize him (during first season)?  Really, watch the video and she stares at him for a few extra seconds acting like he looks familiar.

- The airline water and outriggers are from the Oceanic 6 as they return to the island and they are shooting at Sawyer and crew!  Crazy!

- Where is the bomb ultimately buried?  Remember in the first season when Sayid (spelling?) is digging and says he hasn't seen concrete poured like this since Chernobyl.  Hmmm...

- Jack = Daniel.  They both wear backpacks, grow bad beards, and are sort of leaders.  Jack was supposed to be the one jumping through time and him and Sayid could have disarmed that bomb but since he left, the island had to find a new Jack.  Kind of a stretch but I'll buy it.

That's all for now.  Check out the videos and articles on Entertainment Weekly.  Prepare to have your mind blown.



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Shawn H said...

Lost was losing me on the stupid time travel. This week's episode didn't seem to go anywhere - everytime the light flashed, it seemed things re-set. The rope in the ground was pretty good (being vague so not to spoil it!). I do see some direction in the show now. And I love it. I used to spend a lot of time on the forums reading every little detail of the 'hidden' stuff but it just consumed me...

Fringe is an excellent show too by the way. JJ Abrams again...