Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More thoughts on Fringe (TV Show)

A friend commented about Lost & Fringe.  To me?  Two very very very different shows.  But here's what I think of Fringe.  And I've added my other posts below for reference (I typed these up earlier).

A typical episode on Fringe

- Life is normal

- Someone dies in a strange way

- "Old doctor man, do you know what caused this?"

- "I worked with someone in the past.... he must have perfected this."

- Son: [negative comment negative comment]

- Blonde: "Im getting in my undies to take the mind jacuzzi"

- Other girl: "My name is Astrid"

- All at once: "Lets get the bad guy!"

- Mission completed but we still don't know the overall reason why these things are happening.


Why did I watch episode 4.. I don't know...

*Oh, and I'm taking these notes as I watch, so I'm not looking back things and some things may be wrong later.

**SPOILER ALERT (if you haven't watched it yet)**

Bald guy reminded me of cockroach man from MIB. Not from physical appearance but from attitude. "Need sugar water." Get it, the bald guy wanted barely cooked roast beef and 11 jalepenos... Each have their weird diets.

Oh, and about the pic of the guy in Quantico from 1987... Why is he wearing digital camo?

Digital camo wasn't used until 2004. Ok, you may say that the pic is a recent pic of him... still serving... but why is the picture of him and the picture of the mysterious object in black and white? C'mon! We have color film! We've had color film since 1942! Either way, it should be in color. That's why they need a consultant. Hire me!

Overall, this was actually a good episode. There was a healthy dose of suspense and just a touch of sarcasm while the other 3 had much more sarcasm. But, there is still something missing. Maybe this is a "LOST" that my kid brother can follow? I don't know.

Random Thoughts:

- The dude with the watch cap and nail gun was from Generation Kill if I'm not mistaken. Nice surprise.

- "Civilian Consultant to the Department of Homeland Security" I need to get credentials and a title like that!

- I love the open to this show, the music and graphics, it's kinda like House, but different.

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