Sunday, February 01, 2009

Morning Geocaching

I took Templeton for a walk this morning before church and I thought we would make it interesting and try for a few geocaches!  Living in Old Town, I'm sure there would be a ton of micro caches, which I really don't like. 

 I like full size caches because they have goodies and it feels more like buried treasure but these micro caches are dang hard to find!  But it wouldn't be a huge problem if I had a real gps but I use the Geocaching iPhone app and it's not super super accurate but it works!

Anyway, we found 3 today.  Good finds too.  Two had real logs and the other you just have to email the user the info he asked.  Oh, and my wife and I found 2 yesterday, so booya!

If you have a GPS or an iPhone with the Geocaching app, try it out!  It's free and it's a lot of fun.  I actually never even explained it.... it's like hunting for treasure with latitude and longitude and little hints.  It's really fun, now I just have to catch up to my brother!

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