Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I have fathered 7 children (that I know of)

2. I am the proud owner of a titanium spork.

3. In grad school I did the biathlon competitively but a ricochet to my shooting put that path on the back burner (gone to state meets but never placed podium).

4. Whenever I'm all alone on a road at night with no houses nearby, I like to hold my car horn down for 10 seconds but then stop because I'm afraid it will run out.

5. I once broke my big toe and had a cast up to my knee for six weeks because I kicked my brothers shin.

6. I once watched a marathon of Designing Women (and truly enjoyed it).

7. I'm terribly afraid of breathing (really, it makes me stop just thinking about it)

8. I have a 6.5 x 7 inch patch of hair on my back.

9. While running the Los Angeles Marathon I had bowel problems and met Sharon Stone while I was pooping in the ladies room at the Ivy.

10. I have never ever taken any drugs or alcohol in any shape or form.

11. I act mostly outgoing but I'm still super nervous and shy in front of new people.

12. I can ride my bike with no handlebars.

13. I'm not afraid of heights, just falling from them.

14. While some can transcend time and space, I can only transcend time.

15. I've never licked a spark plug.

16. I not sure about ambiguity.

17. Once on a dare, I ate a beetle the size of a golf ball (it was mostly the exoskeleton but still tasted horrible)

18. I can't buy new underwear, it has to be used, thanks Nick. (oh, but washed)- When I was little, I shot a pigeon with a cork gun and had little to no remorse.

19. I also laugh out loud to Suite Life of Zach and Cody (TJ).

20. When I was little, ever time a commercial came on with a phone number said to call, I called (really, Jenny Craig... anything).

21. My biggest fear is cats turning into people, not the other way around.

22. I absolutely love the word "voluptuous." 

23. Once in college, I wore the same pair of khakis for 3 months (every day) because I hated doing laundry.

24. Just today, I called 911 for a woman on the street who fell on the ice, she was kind of unresponsive at first but eyes open and breathing.  I also put my jacket on her while waiting for the ambulance (18 degrees F).

25. More than half of these facts are true the rest are fake, you decide.

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