Monday, April 21, 2008

Road Warrior

Hey all.

I'm blogging from my hotel room in Oklahoma City.  My first business trip.  It feels so cool!  I'm helping launch the latest broadband channel Clean Skies TV.  Mostly just there to help with one program and make sure the new guy has no problems.

So they got me a hotel for an overnight.  I feel like I'm in Florida or something!  It wasn't hot but it was warm this afternoon.  I guess I just remember taking so many summer vacation trips to Florida that if I stay in a hotel and its warm out, I'm instantly in Florida!

I left my cell phone charger at home so instead of using it and wasting the battery, I've been using Skype.  It's great!

Also, the hotel is right next to a McDonalds which is right next to the office.  And I mean right next to the office.

I thought about driving to downtown OKC tonight, but nah, I'd rather relax.  I'll come back with Jenni.

Well, I better go because I have to watch some TV.  Hah!  Cable is awesome!  I haven't seen Dirty Jobs in like 10 years!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Test Ride

I took my coworkers IRO Mark V out for a test ride this evening. It rides great, although I need a longer seatpost. I took it to my friend Bob's house to talk about mountain biking then I had to run over my other buddies house, Josh to talk about wedding plans for our friend Matt. Wow, a lot of friends in that paragraph!

Anyway it was great. As I was leaving Bob's house, I called Matt & Josh and told them I was riding my bike and asked how long they thought it would take. They estimated over 45 minutes and I thought it sounded right but I would try my best.

Well, I got there in 22 minutes. One gear. Iro is right; one gear is really all you need. I got some serious speed and there were no hills that I had to stop on. I just stood up and mashed.  I think that's around 16-17 mph average.

So, here is a map from Google Maps. It's just a screen cap.

Oh, it looks just the bike below, but I'll get a picture of it for real.