Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Test Ride

I took my coworkers IRO Mark V out for a test ride this evening. It rides great, although I need a longer seatpost. I took it to my friend Bob's house to talk about mountain biking then I had to run over my other buddies house, Josh to talk about wedding plans for our friend Matt. Wow, a lot of friends in that paragraph!

Anyway it was great. As I was leaving Bob's house, I called Matt & Josh and told them I was riding my bike and asked how long they thought it would take. They estimated over 45 minutes and I thought it sounded right but I would try my best.

Well, I got there in 22 minutes. One gear. Iro is right; one gear is really all you need. I got some serious speed and there were no hills that I had to stop on. I just stood up and mashed.  I think that's around 16-17 mph average.

So, here is a map from Google Maps. It's just a screen cap.

Oh, it looks just the bike below, but I'll get a picture of it for real.


Onesimus3 said...

Don't get too excited about the bike-you need to start puttin money aside now to some day get a house.

Anonymous said...

bikes and computers are more important than houses!! hey our video guy was caught sleeping on the job, so we might be looking for a new video tech.