Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Popcorn button or old scool time?

I don't know if you understood the title, so let me rephrase...

How many of you just hit the popcorn button on the microwave when you microwave something? My brother got me started on it, now I do it all the time.

It's easier than typing in time!

Anyway, comment if you have something to say about that.

Anyway, the heat is getting crizazy in Tulsa! It's really just the humidity I guess. It makes it so sticky!

Jenni keeps threatening to move somewhere really really cold. I don't mind cold! I was thinking maybe North Dakota or something, but it gets hot there too right? I really like Oregon and Washington state (I think). Although I heard it rains up there...

Hey! Don't forget to be checking my Flickr page every now and again. When I take a picture on my phone, it uploads directly to Flickr even when I'm just driving or something.


I guess that's about it. I'm going to post some pictures in a sec, hang on!

1 comment:

Nicholas said...

mmm popcorn button all the way..