Friday, June 12, 2009


**I do not endorse this guy in any way. He might be good he might be bad. I didn't research him at all but had to go to his site for something at work and noticed his videos.**

This is only a sample of the different media on his site. His team is doing something well because they are really making sure to use a ton of different types of media as well as different "brands" of the same media, like different video players.

In this case, it's Google Video (thought that's kinda like using VHS these days),, and YouTube. He could/should have also used Seesmic, Flickr, Qik.... That would be awesome.

Doing something like this gets your name and face in tons of places with chances for more exposure. I love it. Once again, I know nothing about this guy and do not endorse him at all.

(don't click, it's just a still)

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