Monday, June 01, 2009

Multi Update

Here's some stuff I'm excited about:

Halo 3 ODST


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Some interesting things. My family is on Twitter. Oh, and Facebook. I'm telling you, it's no longer safe to surf online.
They're everywhere.

- My brother is on Twitter - @nspetrucci
- My Dad is on Twitter - @mppraise
- My Mom in on Twitter - @calpetrucci

Just waiting on the sis, I'm sure she'll get on board in no time (it's just like Facebook status
updates, its easy!)

Oh, really random but we are getting a T3 (maybe more than one too, not sure) line at work. It's supposed to be screamin' fast. I heard it's like having 28 T1 lines. Yeah, I'd like to do a first though.

Speaking of speed tests, while visiting our parents, the wife drove so I busted out my laptop and did some tethering with my phone. Check out the speeds.

I was happy with the performance. Kinda drains the battery but it was worth it.

I love my Xbox. Really. It can do a lot. Some of us guys discussed Playstation vs Xbox and the general consensus was that Sony has no idea what they are doing. Just sitting on their butts not doing a thing with their console. Xbox however has added Netflix (which is amazing) and has talks of, Facebook, and Hulu. Yeah, big things.

There was an article written in XBN magazine a while ago (not sure of the date) and I like it so I ripped it out of the magazine and kept it. Don't worry Mom, I threw away the magazine.

"Xbox Nation tracks the players in the great console car race of 2003. Drop the
checkered flag...

If game consoles were cars, then the three players in the market would be very different idee. The PlayStation 2 would be a Toyota Camry: It's competent, reliable, the best seller in its class, and bought by everyone who doesn't have the imagination or desire to buy something more interesting. GameCube would be a Subaru Impreza: Made for enthusiasts, it's hardcore, small, fast, and something that appeals to niche tastes.
But what of Xbox? A Cadillac Escalade. Big, powerful, all-American luxury that's recently found it's cutting-edge niche. Without a doubt, the Xbox is tech."

If you're a gamer at all you can relate to that. Isn't that cool?! Oh well, maybe not.

Did you know that I have a year of free Cici's Pizza? Well, it's one buffet a month but how cool is that?! My brother, his girlfriend Michelle, and our friend Dave all camped out a few hours early for the grand opening because they had free buffets for a year for the first 50 customers.

Jenni's painting again, and some really great stuff too. I'm taking pictures of her stuff, but they really don't do it justice. Here's one of her latest works.

I've been using Twitter a lot so if you aren't noticing my updates, head over to because I post a lot more often than I do here. I should post more but I get busy. Sometimes doing real things and sometimes just busy with silly stuff, but busy is busy right? Just bookmark it to get updates or better yet, sign up and follow me for instant updates. It's fun. I think.

I can't think of what else is new at the moment so I'll leave you with all that. Enjoy your week.

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