Monday, June 08, 2009

Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day was a few weeks ago but please tell me you did it! I had a big problem with my chainrings, mostly the middle one actually. I'll explain that in another post. But I got that problem fixed just in time for Bike to Work Day!

I live in Alexandria Virginia and work in downtown Washington DC so it really wasn't too hard to get to work, I just needed help with directions. I did a test ride a week before and got totally lost but for the official day I met up with a friend.

On my way to work I stopped off at Market Square in Old Town Alexandria to get some swag (got some neat little wallets and keychains and stuff, pretty fun!) and meet my buddy.

There was barely anyone out there and it was 6:45 so I was pretty surprised, I thought a ton of people would be crowding the bike path.

Working our way through downtown Washington DC was pretty cool. I love riding through the city.

Here is a pic that a photographer took of me on Bike to Work Day (I stopped and got his email address) and I have some other pics I took oh my phone but can't find it right now. Did you ride and how was it?

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