Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tunes Tuesday

This Tunes Tuesday is brought to you by TJ over at Scurds.com. I've said it before, I'm not very musically inclined (just check my iPod and you will see all kinds, and I mean all kinds of music) so I turn to him to give me all my music news.

This post he did isn't very recent but that's my fault and it's still interesting so check it out HERE.
Here is an excerpt on the post "And My Love for 60s music Re-Ignites":

"I’ve always loved music from the 60s. As a kid, my mom introduced me to pop music and would play me records from her youth– the Beatles, Neil Young, The Kinks, Sly Stone, Otis Redding, etc. Some I liked better than others, but a lot of it stuck with me.

Blame it on local Oklahoma radio stations, but I eventually got tired of the era as stations played and over played from the 60s cannon. Recently, I’ve spent my time and money following current music, but as the flow of new music tends to slow during the first of the year I decided to hit shuffle on the ol’ iPod classic and see what comes up.

The old stuff, after some time away, sounded so good. I was listening to it with fresh ears and I could even hear direct influences on today’s music in places I didn’t expect. It was great– quite refreshing really. I played these songs around my family. The kids loved them. Kym even loved them. (She was just pleased I wasn’t trying to stuff Animal Collective or TV on the Radio down her throat again).

Here are 10 songs which re-ignited my love for the decade and pretty much started an obsession. I’ve already created a 200 track playlist on my iPod and have created another list of songs I still need. Anyway, take a listen to these ten.

Here’s a bit on each track:
The Zombies – This Will Be Our Year

First off, a great song for the new year. Secondly, the Zombies are one of those amazing bands that actually don’t get played enough on the radio. You can’t go wrong with many of their songs, really, but this one just puts a big ass spring to my step."

Be sure to take the jump to read the rest of his picks. Oh, and follow him on Twitter: @TJClark

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