Sunday, June 21, 2009

Green Twitter Avatars

When I first saw green overlayed Twitter profile pics I thought it was for people promoting "going green" or something but it turns out it was promoting the color of the movement for freedom in Iran.

I usually don't think that these type of things actually produce results. But I do see a chance that peoples green overlays will work.

It will put more eyes on the problem in Iran and more eyes equal more press which should get more pressure on those that can make decisions to do something.

In the same sense (business wise) that eyes = revenue, eyes = change. Though it's not guaranteed. But if enough people change their Twitter profile pics it will get press which will get press about the Iran situation (though there already is a ton of press but more can't hurt).

Does that make sense? Sorry if I'm rambling but my thoughts are kinda clouded but I thought I'd share my input. What do you think about this whole thing?

Oh and find out more about the green overlays here: #IranElection

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