Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Facebook Phishing

I just got an email from Facebook saying one of my friends sent me a message. It said "Hello" and "Visit:" and it had a link. I won't put it on here but if you are interested, it ended up being routed to DO NOT VISIT! It's not Facebook. They just want your login. I could be wrong, but why risk it, just login to Facebook from

*update* I've made the change but it's not its FBACTION.NET. is not a threat, thanks 'the cliff'!

Here is

Here is (looks similar...)


the cliff said...


the site phishing site is actually FBAction.NET. NOT FBAction.COM. I just registered the .com version to help with any confusion. Just thought I would let you know. :)

scrappapervlog said...

Sorry the cliff! I'm editing it now. Thanks for the headsup!

the cliff said...

hey man...its no problem...i just hate seeing phishing sites, and didnt want to have anyone hit the .net. I got the .com and just parked it at Sedo so there wouldn;t be any confusion and I may make enough on the parking to cover the registration. ;)