Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too much broken stuff.

Stuff seems to break in groups for me. iPhone, bike, laptop, Xbox... That might be all, luckily. Also, luckily is the fact that almost all of them will be fixed for free! All but the bike really.

Two paths diverge in a yellow wood... one is the anti glare coating and the other is the original iPhone glass screen. On my current and soon to be replaced iPhone I have the anti glare plastic shield. I really really like it but the more I use a friends iPhone that is the pure beauty with no barrier I find myself really liking that one as well. What to do?!

Ok, so that's one gadget, the next is my work laptop. Somehow I broke the "y" key off. I have it but it won't stay on. The little plastic tab is broken on one side. This happened before and they fixed it no problem so I get that fixed at the Apple store at the same time.

The Xbox? Yeah, finally red ringed for good. I was red ringed 4 or 5 times during power outages and stuff but it came back on just fine. But in the middle of a pretty decent game of Call of Duty Modern Warfare it died. Screeching and freezing the video. I was about to call in an air strike! 3 rings mean 3 yr warranty so its getting fixed for free, they even comped the shipping. Which they should! Because 2 in 3 xbox owners I know have had to send theirs back! Jeez...

The bike? Nothing real real major just need new chain rings because I wore out the middle one (won't hold the chain under any pressure) and the big ones gonna go soon too (mostly due to logs and rocks I bet).

That's all for now though, once I get those fixed we'll be ok I guess. And only the bike is costing me money! But I'll go to the Apple store today or tomorrow and get that iPhone squared away and hopefully I'll get a whole new one!

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