Friday, January 11, 2008

I almost died! If I was closer to the almost explosion...

There was a high pressure gas line that broke and had a ton of natural gas shooting out of the ground.  A bunch of us at work went out to lunch as we were walking back, we saw it down the street.

Someone said it smelled like gas but I couldn't smell anything.  Just as we were watching it and about out of view we heard the fire engines coming.

Then I just saw it on the news a few minutes ago.  

A few buildings were evacuated and all.


Updates at ORU
- Gag order
- Swails back to work

They also interviewed some students (man on street style) and I knew one of them.  He had a goatee.  I have nothing against goatees or even that guy, but that was my number one problem with ORU.

Enforcement.  They never enforce the rules, the no t-shirt, facial hair below the lip... that kind of stuff.  Then they tell the Resident Advisors (RA's) that they need to enforce, but I had an RA that was younger than me and it can be kinda hard to really listen to them...

Mike, you need to shave.  

Sure thing Donnie.

Nick, you need to shave.

No problem Donnie.

Next day...

Mike, Nick, shave!

Yeah, right away....

But they need to have the faculty push that.  Don't let students into class if they aren't in dress code or whatever.

I know it's a small thing and I've been guilty of some facial hair but if you are going to have rules, enforce them.  

Well, I'm going to have some ice cream.  
Therefore I'm done blogging.

Have a great weekend!

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