Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CFL Controversy

Thanks Mike for showing me this, I think it's pretty funny, though informative. But, I was doing some quick surfing online and found that the amount of mercury inside of a CFL is nothing compared to even an old thermometer (which I once broke and played with as a kid, woops!). I think it was like 5 mg in a CFL to 500 mg in the thermometer.

Regarding the guys speech... what about the whole digital tv change? If you have an analog set, and want over the air channels, sorry, they are leaving! But, the government is giving us vouchers for free converters. Maybe they should give away vouchers for CFL's or trade them for your other light bulbs. Home Depot gave them away for Earth Day I think...

My stance on CFL's? I'm trying to save money.

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