Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yep, the rumors are true...

Yep, the rumors are true…

I ran one of the handheld cameras last night at Church on the Move.  It was fun and exciting!  Cassidy, Maggie, and a few other people went to that service last night and got to see me doing my thing up there.  I am glad that I got to do it because I was nervous but now I got a much better idea as to how they do things and feel way more comfortable.  

Also, instead of the Nikon D1 (I was looking at reviews and changed my mind), I want the D100.  And I mean it this time too.  That’s really the next camera I want to get.  There are some great attachments you can get on it as well.

Well, I just wanted to say that.  So there.  Take care.

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