Thursday, October 13, 2005

Little drummer boy.

I thought I was super busy before, but now I am really super busy. I’ve been running a camera for the new music ministries album recording and they have been long busy call times. On Monday, it was 7pm – 10:30pm, then Tuesday 8am-1:15, then 5pm-8:30pm, then Wednesday was 9:30am to 12:15pm and Thursday is 5 to 10:30. So less the need to be said (needless to say), I am quite the busy little bee.

I will probably be leaving for Colorado on Friday, although Saturday is still an option, but it looks like Friday for now. I’m bringing some homework to do so I can get ahead with everything. Mostly my Field Production objective questions and Media Analysis (Film Watching) chapter questions. It will be good to get some of those done, even if it’s not much.

I’m not sure of everything we are doing, but I know that some of the things will be mountain biking, camping, maybe fishing, maybe bow hunting (I’ll just get to watch), and maybe even go skiing. We’ll also be taking the Buick because of gas and reliability factors. Also, it will be really comfortable on the drive because through the drive from Delaware to St Louis, my hiney was super comfortable!

Oh, has everyone seen the new iPods yet? They play videos! Music videos, TV shows… on a 2.5 inch screen and the 60GB is thinner than my 10GB now. Also, there is a new iTunes update, version 6. That makes the third update in the past 2 weeks. That’s my biggest beef with Apple, they update super fast!

Well, I don’t know what else to talk about, but I have a little extra time so I’ll try to pack a bunch in…

I have been running camera at Church On The Move for a few weeks now. I run the centerline camera. I really enjoy it! It’s really getting me plugged into my industry. And as a little background info on my Music Ministries camera job… I was initially on the audio side, as a gopher kinda, but then the director called me and asked if I could switch and do camera work instead. I talked to the guy I was originally with and he said it was fine, so now, all of the drum shots you see on the ORU Music Ministries DVD (when it comes out), will be from me! It is a lot of fun and I am so glad I got this opportunity.

I’m trying to get my name is as many hats as I can as early as I can so that when I graduate, I have a list of people to call for employment, whether its employment from them or it’s from someone they know. I feel that I should have no problem landing at least a camera operator job and I’m sure that I can only go up from there.

You know, I don’t really ever talk about religion on here I guess. I guess I never really thought about it, but I don’t. I think I will today. This year has been great! It has been great in schoolwork, it has been great in relationships, and it has been great in my faith. I feel that I am closer to God more than I have even been before. I don’t know what it is, but I just feel so renewed by his strength that at times I get so excited that I can’t talk as fast as I can think. All I know is that it’s great! I love church, I love chapel (even though I film it and can’t really listen) and that’s that!

I don’t have a video camera but I want to get a lot of footage of my Colorado trip. I asked my teacher if I could bring one o the schools cameras but he said no because its not being used for something related to school. I understand what he’s trying to say, but I feel he should let me because it would be good practice with both the camera and my technique. I even called a local video equipment place that rents video cameras but they were wanting about $160 for a single chip mini DV Sony camera for a week. It’s just not worth it. Since Josh isn’t going we don’t have a camera. Maggie may let me use hers, it’s a VHS-C or Hi-8, I don’t know. I have our old VHS-C here, but for some reason, it won’t work. I took it to Colorado last year but ended up not really using it because the battery doesn’t last that long.

I just found out that my crew, the Chapel film crew doesn’t have to do anything tomorrow. All we have to do is come for Chapel then we’re done. So instead of waking up at 7:30, I’m getting up at maybe 9am. That will be nice. Also, I finally just get to watch Chapel! They said it’s going to be a re run, but I’m surprised they aren’t still using us to tape it. I mean, I love my camera job but it can get tiring with classes at the same time.

I’m learning so much about editing and I love capturing and editing my own footage. It’s just plain fun! I have some mountain bike footage Nick is killing me to edit and I finally have, but I really don’t like the way it came out. I shot everything in order from start to finish, but I think I will change it to just random shots that are cut more to music. It will be better looking if I cut to audio than if I just cut it and added music to it.

I can’t wait to bring this computer home when summer comes. I will have a bunch of great programs and a decent computer with 17 inch plat panel screen and I’m sure I’ll be editing like crazy. This year is going by so fast but it’s also so intense. I am learning so much and can’t wait for next semester! I think were going to learn DVD Authoring. That should be cool. I also will probably buy an Avid editing keyboard, because it makes it that much more efficient. I also would like to find an extra monitor for a good price. I’m getting used to dual monitors.

Weather has been pretty good here. Last week it got to be high of 50‘s and 60’s for a few days. Now it’s back up a little bit to highs around the mid 70’s. I can’t wait for the really cold stuff to come!

There’s a new movie coming out with Donnie Darko in it called Jarhead. I’ll tell you what, there had better not be a Marine recruiter waiting outside after I go see it because I will probably sign up. It looks good, a classic tale of male machismo. It’s certainly military propaganda.

Well, I think that’s good enough for now. I can’t really think of anything else to right about. I hope you all have a good week! Take care!


Nick said...

Yeah make that video. The movie preview Jarhead made me feel the same way, where do I sign up.
and I believe it is take luck!

Mike said...

finally an update...all summer i was used to 2 maybe even 3 updates a day. withdrawal has been killing me. glad to hear things are good.
i was in utah last week, zion national park...very nice. did some hiking, one geocache.
check this out i randomly emailed cccooperagency about something on her site, got chatting, here she is a christian. she is wanting people to pray for sbux (chick who hides caches at all starbucks) who has turned away from God. in your devo's pray for her.
not much else is going on.