Monday, October 24, 2005

Time to hit the ground running!

Ok, let me tell you about how my fall break went.  For those of you that don’t know, my roommate and I went to Colorado for a little road trip fun.  The fun started on Friday the 14th.  We left after classes around 4:30 or so and eventually made our way to Cassidy’s house around 1 or 2 in the morning on Saturday.  After a nice rest, we went to the driving range, hit a few balls and had dinner at Wahoo’s Fish Taco’s.  They had some good food, I got a teriyaki chicken burrito.  

On Sunday, we headed out for Colorado Springs.  We saw Cave of the Winds, Pike’s Peak, Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, and the United States Air Force Academy.  It was a lot of fun driving up Pikes Peak.  It’s 14,110 feet tall and the view driving up was just amazing!  

Then Monday night, we drove through Independence Pass to Aspen.  We rolled into Aspen.  While looking for somewhere to stay in Aspen, we almost ran over a porcupine.  I never saw one out in the wild before!  So we roll in to Aspen around midnight, went to the gas station to see where hotels were, but they were closed, went to the airport, but they were closed, then went to the hospital, but they were closed!  So I called AAA who gave me some phone numbers and we went from there.  The next day, we drove around town for a bit, then went to see the Maroon Bells.  It’s a pair of mountains just outside of Aspen.  Then it was off for Glenwood Springs.

In Glenwood Springs, we saw Doc Holliday’s grave, saw the hot springs, it rained bad, went to Target and tried my first Starbucks Chantico, then went to Leadville, Georgetown, then back to Cassidy’s house.

The following day, we did a day trip to Estes Park and Boulder.  We walked around downtown in Estes and walked Pearl Street in Boulder.  I got another Chanitco in Boulder.  I’m addicted…  Then went back to Cassidy’s, packed up and left for school the next day.

We pulled into ORU Friday night/Saturday morning, went right to bed, then unpacked everything on Saturday.  Slept in on Sunday (Bedside Baptist, church of the Holy Comforter, Pastor Sheets…) and I picked Jenni and Maggie up at the airport Sunday evening.

Well, now it’s Monday, I am back to work, a lot of work!  I love it, but it’s so busy.  I wish I had my computer that’s in the lab, in my room, and then I can work any time I want!  I have to go now, I have some shooting I need to do.  Take care everyone!


mike kocher said...

did you actually see a porcupine in the "wild" if you almost ran over him. when i think of "wild" i think of mountineous terrain or miles of desert or even uncharted territory. i don't think the wild would have a road going thru it.
thats awesome you got to see colorado, i am very envious, we are thinking about taking a trip out there this coming winter. too bad your not caching anymore, you would have totally racked up on state caches and you could have a cool map on your web page at geocaching dot com. i am at 160 now, i know, i know, you are sweating my geo godlike abilities. your bro, (brother, not man bra) and i are thinking about doing a 12 hour cache spree during winter break. i would invite you but you would turn us down as usual. it will be fun, i would like to hit up like 30 caches, that would be so sweet. speaking of sweet, did you see my new gps that i am getting, i can't wait, when i get it, maybe, just maybe, i will sell you my old one for a fairly reasonable price. i got the bike and car mount, cig adapter and case with my new one. watch out wilderness, here i come. did you know the word wild is in wilderness, but i don't think roads are in wild.

Nick said...

About time for an update

Nick said...

Time for an update