Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back from summer break!

Man, it feels like I just came back from summer break! That cruise was a boat load of fun! It was like 80's and totally sunny all the time! I highly recommend going on a cruise to anyone with $200-500. It's a blast!

You get to eat great food every night and the table is set like the a super nice restaurant would be... It's got like 4 forks, 9 knives, and 20 something spoons. It's crazy! You also have a permanent table, no waiting!

Then there is the bingo, casino, hairy chest competition... er.. I mean, they have a lot of other cool stuff than just food. No, I really didn't do any of those, but I would have done a "hairy back patch over your right shoulder blade in the shape of a cross contest" if they had that.

It's just a blast. We went from Miami to Key West to Play del Carmen (Mexico), to Miami. The last day was a full day at sea and that was nice. It kind of got you ready mentally to leave the boat. The only thing that I had a problem with is that I am now finding it hard to eat school cafeteria food. I got used to pretty good stuff and it's hard to force myself to eat in the cafeteria now. Oh well.

Let's change gears a little bit here. This week, Dr. Rodney Howard Brown is speaking at ORU in the evening and in Chapel on Wednesday. I'm running camera for this event both tonight and Friday night. It should be some good experience. I'm excited.

Well, that's it for now, I have some work to do, but I wanted to post before everyone yelled at me... or at least that "anonymous" person who shows up every now and then and says "Update." Yeah, you know who you are.

I'll put some cruise pictures on here.


Nick said...

yeah i need that cd so i can put some cruise pix on mine

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