Saturday, March 11, 2006

Just cruisin'

Hey all. Sorry about the lack of posts, but this week has been quite busy. It was the week before Spring Break so you know how they like to add on the homework and stuff. Anyway, I've been trying to get the first episode of Scrap Paper up and running but I have been hitting a few snags.

I put some videos I did on Google videos, but there seems to be an audio problem on two of them and a playback speed problem on another one. I added those as "test" videos and until I can fix those problems, I'm going to hold off on the podcast. I'll keep blogging though, so don't worry!

Going on a cruise tomorrow. My first one! It should be lots of fun. I had Nick pick me up an iPod camera connector so that I can dump the pictures from my camera to my iPod without having to use my computer. That way I can take pictures till me memory card is full, then dump them to the iPod, view them, and delete my memory card and keep taking pictures! I know, I know... I have a 1GB card, but trust me, I take a lot of pictures! I have over 9,000 pictures on my iPod right now!

I found a new band that I enjoy. They're called The Gabe Dixon Band. I got a
music video/promo for the new show Conviction and they did the music part. The song is called "All Will Be Well." I suggest checking it out. It's a great song.


My roommate got real into Greys Anatomy. I watch it with him if it's on, but I'm not as hardcore about it as I am with Lost. I still love Lost!


Last weekend, I went on a mountain bike/camping trip with my mountain biking class. We rode The
Womble, near Mt. Ida, Arkansas. It was about 37 miles spread over 3 days. Well, 9 on Friday, 19 on Saturday, and 8 or 9 on Sunday. It was a blast! Here is a link for info and reviews on the trail. CLICK HERE.

No major injuries though. Ok, now I am going to show you some pictures from last years Womble. They can be pretty gruesome so I'll make the thumbnails small, just click on them if you want to seem them larger. It was about an inch and a quarter deep. Didn't bleed much but was pretty nasty to look at.

I don't remember if I said this yet, but I'm goint to the NAB show in April. It's going to be so exciting! "It's the world's largest electronic media show!" Either
way, it's a convention that will have vendors and tons of other stuff regarding media and broadcasting, cable, satellite, motion pictures, internet, wireless, telecommunications, education, corporate, government, worship... They should have a ton of freebies too! But instead of having to carry a bag around with tons of free stuff, you just walk up to a booth and swipe your ID card and the free stuff gets mailed to you! How cool!?

I'm getting hungry, but I don't feel like getting up to get anything. Cassidy (roommate) and I are going over his uncles house for dinner tonight. I can't
wait! I'm ready for some good cookin'! I won't be getting any good cookin' for a while because I'm staying at ORU for the summer. Oh well. Oh, his uncle also just got a brand new Lotus Elise. Yeah, I know! I'll have to get a few pictures.

I don't think I mentioned this, but ORU is now in the NCAA! We beat Chicago State a few nights ago! Very exciting! People are going crazy around here! President Roberts even cancelled classes after Chapel on Wednesday! That's crazy! We haven't been in the NCAA since 1984. I hope they go all the way! If you want to see a short video from ESPN about it, CLICK HERE, then just watch, but if it doesn't work (if you have pop up blocker), scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Launch Motion Player Now!" and you can view it.

Oh, I also just checked in and printed my boarding pass for tomorrows flight. That's pretty convenient. All I have to do now is jump in line and hand them my bag. It should be under the correct weight. I don't have much, but having to bring dressier clothes and stuff for dinners is adding unnecessary weight I think.

Once again, there is another iTunes update. Everyone, be sure to update or your computer will crash! Really! No, not really. The new update is That seems a little long. Why don't they just call it 6.1. Or even just 7?! I guess 7 is too much of a leap, but they do have QuickTime 7. The should make iTunes and QuickTime even more integrated and give them the same update version numbers. Well, not really. Sorry, I'm feeling a little sarcastic today. I'll be better when I get something to eat I think.

I'm of course bringing my iPod on the flight tomorrow, but that just poses me with the problem of a power source. That is the only reason I want to fly first class. They have power adapters. Well, that and the fact they have larger seats, better food and drinks, pillows and blankets that weren't snotted on by some kid, and the obvious "bling" factor that you just get with sitting in first class. Anyway, I don't know what I just said...

Oh, I want to watch some movies, or at least some video podcasts. I purposely only put one full length movie on my iPod, Dumb & Dumber, just so I wouldn't drain the battery watching some flicks. But I am currently stocking up on video podcasts so I can watch short stuff. I'm also organizing my playlists so that I don't have to spend a lot of time searching for songs, that drains the battery.

Power is never a problem off of the plane though. I usually find an outlet to cozy up to and charge up. I feel like a doofus sitting in the middle of the hallway but hey, I gotta charge my iPod. That's pretty much life and death right there. For the cruise, I'm bringing my Griffin Roadtrip FM Transmitter just so I can charge it in a car or anywhere else that has a cigarette outlet. Gotta be ready! Well, I'm only really worried about having enough power because my flight from Dallas to Miami is like 3 or 4 hours. I don't want to just be sitting there reading the SkyMall over and over! Also, check out this new thing from Griffin, it's like a super duper awesome dock: CLICK HERE.

Something that I think is pretty cool is they are starting to make consumer level digital cameras with built in WiFi. No, you can't surf online, it's for beaming pictures off the camera. It even will transfer them to your computer right when it's taken. I mean, this is in a $399 camera! Pretty entry level consumer camera. I just have one link for a random camera, you can google more if you want.

Here is a list of the World's Richest People. Interesting.

Well, that's really all I have for now. I hope thats enough for you because I won't be able to post again till I get back in Tulsa. Take care!

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so many comments as i read it
but the one that stood out was how much a miss the regal but i dont mind the iPod friendly legacy.