Tuesday, February 19, 2008

24 Hour Video Race

Last Saturday, myself and 3 friends did a 24 hour video race. What does that mean? Well, midnight on Friday (technically Saturday morning) we met with all the other competitors over at Living Arts Studios in downtown Tulsa.

That's where they told us the theme, a line of dialogue we have to use, and a prop we have to use. Then we had 24 hours to turn in a finished DVD.

Let me tell you! Man! Nonstop work but all of it fun. There were only 4 of us and we worked really well together!

I plan on making a longer post about it but let me just let you see the movie. Tell me what you think! Thanks!

The Terror Within from Mike Petrucci on Vimeo.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice graphics, black and white very good. mood set effectively. music a good support, especially that ear-piercing squeal. nice shots, easpecially of view thru window panes. liked the sense of isolation that built. don't know for sure the role of the map and how it relates to the ending. thought maybe the actor was looking in the car for left over fries to eat... but very nicely done, mood dark and depressing, well supported by the shots. especially liked the figure seen thru the window. good luck--cap