Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rental Car Rally

I just stumbled across interesting.  It's called the Rental Car Rally.  Looks like a mini Gumball 3000 and it's limited to just rental cars (actually you can take your own car if you have to I think).

But hearing about this road rally made me remember something that I read in a magazine recently.  

Hertz is adding a few Corvettes to their fleet.  I'm sure they come at a premium and they a
ren't at every Hertz location obviously but this thing would be a blast in a Corvette!

Everyone would think that you were lying about it not being a rental car, but it really is!  The spaces for the rally are already sold out, but they do have 3 "reserve" spaces that if you beg them or bribe them you may have a chance.


Shawn H said...

If I rented one of those 'Vettes, I would not say it was a rental and would pass it off as my own... Maybe for my next high school reunion...

sallreen said...

Tired of wasting their talents on such frivolities as Wii tennis tournaments and water gun wars, equities lawyer Franz Aliquo and Thrillist editor Steve Bryant have gotten serious with an ambitious “Rental Car Rally,” which will pit 60 teams of drivers in a road race from New York City to Montreal this August.