Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TJ's New Blog

I got this email from my friend TJ.  You know my friend TJ?  

Check out my new fancy pants website.  I took the two blogs that I never update and I combined them into one super tight one that I promise will be updated "more frequent-like" (as another might say).

You can find this super rad site at http://scurds.com

I'll post CD reviews, pictures of my kids, indie comic recommendations, lots of pop culture stuff. Along with this I will still keep track of my daily (or every third day) struggle with weightloss. Ok so I struggle with it everyday, but I only do something about it maybe once every two weeks. I'm a busy dude, what can I say.

S'whatever-- right? So check me out on scurds.com and give me your feedback. It's very "blog looking" right now, but hopefully will develop over time as my design skillz (yes with a Z) improve.

So I hope I find you all well. Keep in touch, of course, and please check out the site.

My stomach hasn't seen the sun in 12 years. . . . just thought you should know that.

TJ Clark

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