Sunday, August 17, 2008

Comments (I should start moderating these things)

I got this in the comments but I thought I'd add it up here so you could see my response as well.
My comments are in blue below.
You didn't read that first article (TIME) did you. No I didn't.  I only saw Track and Field athletes on the list (Don't you think that says something?  Track and field = diversity) and according to that scoring Phelps would blow out everyone on the list with 182 points. That being said, the second article's author put Carl Lewis as the best athlete, when statistically, according to the first article (only counting track and field) he's only the third best. I understand what you're trying to say, and I'm sure scientists and true analysts (not journalists or biased athletes) could make sense of it all (I'm not SO sure... I think they need to add an event that has over 20 different events in it, like a double decathlon to determine that). Including the comparison of generational and technological differences. But come on man, let people be inspired.  People can be inspired, I'm not saying don't be.  Michael Phelps was never quoted as saying "I'm' the greatest Olympian ever." (No, but you are quoted as saying that) By gold medals in one Olympics; yeah, he's the best (At getting so many gold medals, and swimming). Other statistics are not being challenged; most golds in one Olympics is the premise. Don't be such an anti-hero and let people be inspired. It's a GOOD thing my friend. (I agree that being inspired is good, don't let me get in the way, and please, please, please don't say "my friend" you sound like John McCain.)  And lastly, why in the world would you base a criticism of an athlete that's obviously done more than 100 of us could ever do (Wow, way to sell yourself short.  And please don't include me in that 100, I don't think swimming in the Olympics is something I care much about) and then say that "Josh said"(but you did say...), no no, I just saw some amazing races where one man was perfect in all 8 (But didn't Lezak win that one relay by anchoring that last leg?). That merits the term "Best" my opinion anyway.  So watching amazing races makes him the "Best" in your opinion?  Ok, that was just to be mean.  You know me.

Here's another thought. Who else has been called the "Greatest Athlete" in the world, or other such arenas and times? Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, etc. Did anyone say greatest "endurance" athlete or "strongest" athlete?  Where did endurance come into this?  Is this about the Adventure Race?  I was just using that as a away to show diversity in skill.  They can't just be world class at one event.  If Phelps did a triathlon, he would probably ace the swimming but get left behind in the biking and running.  That's all I'm saying.  No. Same with Michael Phelps. Just like the others, any who challenges him comes up short and gets beat (for a time anyway). This is what makes all these men worthy of being called the "Best". At swimming, not Olympics greatest athlete.  So get a Triathlete to challenge Jordan or Federer in their sports.  I don't know if people said Jordan and Federer are the greatest athletes in the world, just greatest basketball player and tennis player, respectively.  No challenge, it's not about endurance, it's about skill. "Athlete" isn't synonymous with "endurance".   I know it's not, why do act like I said it was?  Athlete is any person that does any sport, in my book.  You run from time to time right?  I consider you an athlete.  But to get the title of Olympics greatest athlete, there needs to be more criteria than just winning one sport, but if you do win and dominate then you get the title of Olympics greatest swimmer or even "fastest and best swimmer in the universe."  And to compare physical exertion (stop being picky), well, let's get the astronauts involved, let's talk to the Army Rangers or the Navy Seals or the mom that picked a car up off her baby. If we're going to blow it wide open and out of context, then you might as well include those people too. Again, in proper context, Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympian (i.e. most gold medals in one Olympics). And swimming is not easy, (So you think swimming, running, then biking is any easier?  Or the decathlon?  Think how much harder adding more events to it would be!  Let Phelps prove his title of Olympics Greatest Athlete by doing more than one event, but no, he can't.  He trained his whole life just for swimming) if you were ranting about ping pong or shooting, I'd understand a little more. 

I said 182 before, it's actually 148.5. Still beats the others, and he'll probably get at least 4 or 5 more golds minimum in his career. Not that I'm a real analyst.  Yeah, I would like to think he would get another 4 or 5 golds because all he has do is swim.  So as long as he keeps training, eating 14,000 calories a day (he does! but he burns all of them I'm sure!) and doesn't get arrested for drunk driving again, he should win like 10 more.


Here is an inspiration article for you Josh.
- Phelps sets world marks, becomes winningest Olypmic athlete (oh, and I like THAT title much better...)

One more thing, a side note, I feel bad for his teammates.  It's like Neil Armstrong touching the moon first then the next 5 people are totally unrecognizable.  Well, maybe you knew of Buzz Aldrin but I guarantee you don't know the rest.

While my words can sometimes seem very harsh and hard headed, I usually argue for arguments sake.  Sometimes its about having to be right and other times its about people trying to see things from a different perspective.  None of my notes are meant to hurt so don't feel sorry for Josh, he knows me and he knew what he was getting himself into when he commented.  Love ya Josh!


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