Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eeni, menie, miney, no

A friend of mine has a Razr with T-Mobile and he wants an iPhone. His contract comes up in about a month so that works out pretty well. He planned on getting one after rave reviews from myself and my brother especially. But then he IM'ed me yesterday...

He asked the iPhone would work on another network... we'll not unless you jailbreak it. Then he asked about the G1. I said, yeah, it's cool. And that got me thinking.

Last week, I was walking by the T-Mobile store and I thought I would step in to see if they have any G1's working to play with. I went to the booth and they had three G1's out, but all were fakes then I asked a guy if they had one and he went to check in the back.

So he pulled one out and handed it over, and then put my prints all over that thing. Played with the slider, trying out the touch screen and the blackberry-esque ball thing, and clicked through some menus... Not bad.

From what I saw online and from what I played with in person, I think I got a good idea of the G1.

My list of current best comms? (Comms is my word for cell phones because they do so much more than call people... email, instant message...) In order from best to worst (though these are only the top 3 and are based only on my very opinionated opinion:

1 - Apple iPhone
* The app-store really is a huge part of this being number 1. So many fantastic third party apps. Also the multi touch screen is amazing. This list could go on.

2 - HTC G1
* Cmon it's Google, it can't be that bad. Maybe it will be slow to start but once it gets rolling, I'm sure it will be way polished.

3 - Blackberry Storm
* Comm for the suits that want the iPhone, secretly. It's the classic corporate sell out device, but it works, and it's secure.

That's all.

Oh, in the end, I think my buddy is gonna get the G1, so I'll love to get my hands on it when I see him next and really give it a good groping over, but I think it's a solid alternative to the iPhone. I also told him to buy a first gen iPhone and jailbreak it but the said no.

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