Sunday, February 25, 2007

Apartment Hunting

About two weeks ago, I looked at some apartments, four of them to be exact. I thought they were ok, but one really stood out. I went over to Josh's apartment to share my findings with him and also see if he had any info on other apartments.

I told him that I was planning on going to some other apartments, and he pretty much told me what his thoughts on them were. He just did this whole apartment search and looked at all of them too. I really narrowed my field down, to 2.

Both are 2 bedroom 1 bath. Both are close to ORU and friends. Both are in similar price ranges (one is just a little higher). Although, the one that costs a little more is a little bigger (100 sq. ft.).

Jenni like one more than the other, which is good because I like that one better too. We mostly like it because it has a lot of room, a large living room, a wood burning fireplace, and it's a gated community. There are many other perks, but these are the main ones.

So we pretty much settled on one place, assuming that we are staying in Tulsa (stay tuned for big update...). I some job interviews coming up that could prove promising.

So that's the latest on our apartment search. Maybe I'll post some pictures...

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Shawn said...

The summer I stayed down there, I lived in an apartment that had a port theme - like docks and water and stuff. Not far from ORU. Can't remember what it was called. That place was pretty nice.

scrappapervlog said...

A place like a boat? Pretty nice? Are you sure it wasn't a house boat on the Arkansas river?

Well, I can't say I looked at that apartment yet, but I'll keep an eye out.

Thanks for the comment!

Shawn said...

It was actually a canoe but we called both ends bedrooms... The layout was like a port with wooden walkways. It wasn't far from campus. It is probably a Starbucks now.