Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Just today, I really started to miss this past summer. I had a really nice summer, probably the best ever I think. What I just started missing the most about it was working with the ORU Math & Science Academy. The people I worked for this summer were putting together a video highlight reel for the kids to purchase and I was shooting video for it. I pretty much just followed the kids everywhere with a camera and shot all the stuff they did. From building rockets, to eating at Sonic, to everything!

I also acted more like one of the counselors because I would take the kids back to their rooms (the dorms) make sure they get ready for dinner, and then bring them back downst
airs. Then I got recruited to drive one of the ORU vans to take the kids to the Tulsa Air & Space Museum. Little did the people in charge know that I actually wanted to come, and I got in free! Since I followed them everywhere, and helped, they paid my way for dinner, the museum... everything! I also drove them to an observatory in Mounds, OK. It was so much fun! I miss those kids!

Ok, onto a new topic.
After mountain biking class this past Saturday, as Cassidy and I were leaving, I saw this sweet Volvo! If the owner is reading this, please don't be mad I posted pictures, you just have an awesome car and I wanted to show it off. It gave me some ideas for the van... what giant sticker can I put on the hood...

Moving on again...

Some people have already made the transition. I was looking for a phone number on my friends phone and found this. It made me smile.

This is my view on my way to work. I think I mentioned this before, but I'll say it again just in case... downtown Tulsa is like a beginners New York City. It gives you a little taste of the city life, but it's not packed or busy at all like NYC.

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Joshua said...

Haha...that's my phone. I figured I'd change it now instead of later :o) 2.5 more months! WOOOOOOOOO!