Monday, May 14, 2007

32 inches in my bedroom?!

Well, I hope that title didn't throw you off. I just wanted to give you hint as to what I got with my graduation money. I also want to thank everyone who gave me money for my graduation. It was really appreciated, I mean really appreciated, and you'll get to see what I got with it.

I decided to splurge, and I mean big splurge. And it was by no coincidence that Costco had a really good price on a 32 inch LCD HDTV. So, long story short... I'm watching 24 in HD tonight.

Also, we don't really get HD channels, but we are recieving some HD channels. Yeah! And it looks good. Most of the shows in HD are in 720p, but the new stations are in 1080i. This TV goes as high as 1080i anyway.

So enjoy the pictures and oh, the one with the girl in it, it's the Bravo network with some hair styling show. But hey, HD is HD!

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