Thursday, September 25, 2008

Internet TV

My brother told me that I absolutely had to watch "Fringe."  He said it was amazing.   I get too tired to watch shows after work that aren't on tv so Internet tv works great for me.  So I turned to Hulu.  

Also, it was kinda slow at work so I managed to watch all three episodes today. Ok, here are my notes.

- Not bad, but not LOST.  Also, did they borrow music cues from LOST?

- The graphic titles are cool

- The chick hopped in a tub and the tub had a "hatch"... ok, maybe that's tying it too close to LOST

- I got real tired of all the negative remarks from the Kirk Cameron wannabe.

- Oh, numbers!  Are the numbers like LOST's?

- The more I watch the more I feel like it's an episode of The Twilight Zone.  

- "Someone has perfected this super top secret experimental anomaly... let's find him, now lets try and capture him but he escaped or killed himself... ok, now onto the next guy"


- What's with that ladies arm?!  Is this iRobot?!

*******END SPOILER ALERT********

Conclusion?  Fringe has some great mysteries and a semi-interesting cast but it just doesn't have the hook like LOST does.  I don't have a desire to "have" to watch the next episode.  It's like black guy and music from LOST have met with a polished CSI show. 

OK, so that's Fringe, but my friend Josh wanted me to watch Flashpoint.  So I watched that the other day.

Not much to say about Flash Point.  Mostly because it's  normal show.  Not to beat a dead horse but it feels like CSI just more "tactical."  Not so much story but still interesting.  I mean, I like swat teams and stuff, but I don't feel like it's real enough.

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Shawn H said...

You are right about the LOST music similarities. But the greater similarity is between Fringe and The X Files. Fringe has a bit more action but The X Files had more interpersonal chemistry between the lead characters and an overall creepier sense. But the conspiracy story is good and I look forward to the next freaky thing to happen.

I did get some good laughs from Worst Week...