Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Who is still printing emails?

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I remember my Dad used to.  I mean, he would print the shortest lamest emails but if they had anything to do with me, he would just slap them right on the table.  But who is printing emails?

Two reasons why you shouldn't... saving paper means you are not feeding the demand to cut down trees as well as saving money because you are simply using less.  It's a win win!

Ok, conservation and good stewardship are great and all but what it really comes down to for me, is what's the point?!  We live in a day and age that paper is almost not necessary, for certain things.

We get emails on our iPhones, Blackberries, laptops... we are so mobile!  Having stacks of paper reports or handing out paper presentation points at a conference are cumbersome and unnecessary.  

But I do know this.  Sometimes there is nothing I want more than to put pen to paper.  Just doodling sometimes.  Sometimes I just have to sketch it out and I feel better.  On the same note, I like to polish those initial notes as an organized document on my laptop.

Not wanting to turn this into a paper vs computer thing... my questions still stands.  Who is still printing their emails?

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