Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shooting the breeze (and maybe some clay birds)

A friend of mine took me shooting the other day. It was a blast! These are the only pics I got though... we did trap first (shotgun & clay pigeons) then pistol at 25m and 10m (with a Sig Sauer P226) then the AR-15 and SKS at 75m. I'm going again next weekend, will get to use an M14!

Pics of me:
Oh, I only took these at his house afterwards because I forgot all about it while we were at the range.

The Guns I used:

Yugoslavian SKS (the precursor to the AK-47)

Olympic Arms AR-15 (really an M4 Carbine)

Remington 870 Express (not sure if it was the Express but I think it was)

Sig Sauer P226 (used by SEALs, Federal Agents...)

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