Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random updates.

Wow, I have been gone for quite some time. It's just so much as been bogging me down. I'm just trying to get to the end of the year and so much is getting in the way. I'm in the clear now though. So I'm feeling pretty good. I also just knocked out two 3 and 4 page papers that are due next week. My goal is to have a nice and easy weekend.

Anyway, here are some pictures I have been meaning to post. Enjoy!

For Josh's senior recital, I ran the media. Matt ran camera/s. Yes, we have 3 macs set up. But we really only used one, the middle one. We came into some snags connecting the iMac to dual projectors so we had to switch everything last minute and use the 15inch Powerbook. The 12inch was just for looks, although it did have the rundown on it.

The painting on the right is one of Jenni's paintings that is hanging up at ORU. I love it! It is huge! Isn't she the best?! You can see some more of her work at: CLICK HERE

This is me at the airport at Spring Break. Stupid waiting at the airport...

The weather in Tulsa has been pretty nice. Today it rained, which was nice because it helped to knock some of the pollen down. My allergies flared up a week ago, but they are under control now.

I am so excited about getting married! Just another 31 days! How cool is that!

Well, I can't talk much, just wanted to give you a little hello, let you know I'm still here. Let me leave you with a guaranteed time waster... Desktop Tower Defense (oh, and check out scores in the group "Vatican8").

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