Monday, June 25, 2007

1st day of bike commute.

Wow. I just got to work. And I biked here! My first bike commute to work ever! Anyway, I'm going to steal something from a blog that I read. Follow the "Up in Alaska" blog link on your right...

Date: June 25
Mileage: 8.71
June mileage: 8.71
Temperature upon departure: 76 F w/77% humidity

Now, that isn't my total for today yet. That's only riding to work. I still have to ride home.

Guess what. I forgot my socks. Yup. I'm just glad I didn't forget pants! How would that be, me sitting at my desk with bike shorts on!

Ok, stats...

Mileage: 8.71
Max speed: 23 mph
Ride time: 37:12 (nonstop)
Average: 14 mph

I'm happy with myself!

Here is the only thing... I wish work had a shower. I tend to sweat. But I cleaned up in the bathroom. There is a YMCA down the street that I may try and get a membership at. I should see if work will pay for it... It's worth a shot.

Well, that's all for now. Have a great day!

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