Monday, June 25, 2007

Second half of bike commute...

Well, I would consider that a success! It only sucked riding back home because I was a little tired and there was a head wind slowing me down. Also, my Timbuktu was freaking heavy on my back!

Ok, here's the stats!

Date: June 25
Mileage: 9.41
June mileage: 18.12

Max speed: 25 mph
Ride time: 44:11 (nonstop)
Average: 12.7 mph

It was a good day at work. I really enjoy it, but there are some times in the day that it gets hard to do stuff.

I also snapped this pic while riding. From my phone.

Jenni is making dinner, so I better get going. Just wanted to give an update. Also, I want to try to keep riding to work, but my bag is way to heavy on my back. I need something else. And I need to give my hiney a rest.

Talk to you later! Get out there and ride!

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