Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fall, is that you?!

This morning it was about 50 something degrees. Oh, so nice!
I put on my North Face wannabe jacket (green with black shoulders), grabbed my coffee and headed out the door, after walking Templeton of course.

But it probably wasn't totally necessary that I wore a jacket, I just love wearing jackets. Maybe it's because my mom had an obsession of buying me jackets...

So to make it worth while, I drove to work with the windows down. That made it chilly enough be cold but comfortable in my jacket.

Wow, that's not much, but that's a lot of talk about a jacket. I just really love the colder weather!

It's supposed to get a little warmer this weekend, which sucks, but it's going to get cooler again after that. High of 71 today I think. Awesome!

I also got to work early today because I have some videos that need to be uploaded by tomorrow. I love getting to work early because the drive is less crowded, the sun is still low, it's colder out, I can get more work done without interuptions... it's just nicer. Also, parking in the garage is easier!

Ok, that tape is done capturing so I'm gonna get going!

October 15th is Blog Action Day.


Nicholas said...

Wohoo... fall came to DE too... we just got rid of our almost 90 degree temperatures

Anonymous said...

I just love to think of you in a jacket!!! I always want to know you are not cold, are comfortable, are cozy.... Yo mama

ps, i'll give you africa news when I can, been busy

Shawn said...

Post some more or post something really long to bump that guitar playing gypsy off the page...