Saturday, November 03, 2007

Trippin on the mother road.

Jenni and I decided to take a mini road trip today. We went to Pops. It's this new attraction on Route 66 and it's actually one of the "sponsors" of OklaTravelNews. Here is the breakdown for Pops. It's a gas station, restaurant, convenience store, and soda shop that has over 500 kinds of soda.

Jenni and I drove to Arcadia (just northeast of Oklahoma City), only about 90 miles away, to have some soda and a nice burger. Plus, we always show the "Pops cam" on OklaTravelNews so I wanted to see it in person.

It was really a lot of fun and Jenni enjoyed the drive. We also stopped and took a peek at the round barn.

I'm sure we'll go back and we'll have to take some friends with us.  They have so many different types of soda!  It's fun looking at all the labels and trying to pick an interesting soda.

Well, I gotta run but check out their website here.

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