Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Shopping Made Cheap

Did any of you get cash for Christmas?  I know that it's usually something your Uncle gives as a gift, but I find it to be very efficient (is that the word?) in picking out what I really want.
An example...
It wasn't until Christmas day that I figured out what I wanted.  I mean, I always want something but to find something that usually costs between $5 to $200, that can sometimes be hard.
Plus, I would rather (sometimes) have a ton of little quality items thatn one giant high dollar item.

I am the proud owner of a Timbuk2 messenger bag.  I love my bag.  If you own at Timbuk2, then you know.  If not, I'm sorry.
Well, I wanted another Timbuk2 bag, but a backpack this time.  I thought I swore off backpacks, just because I love my messenger bag and its design, but I found a backpack I love almost as much as my messenger bag (wordy?).

It's the Timbuk2 Underground Day Pack.  It is right up my alley!  It has all the qualities of the bag I'm used to, but with a doublestrap, when I carry those larger loads the weight will be distributed better (and more comfortable) and I love the way it opens.  Easy access!
But I'm also getting a book, Starbucked, and a movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  I found those on for a decent price!
Oh, but back to the whole Timbuk2 bag thing.
They are $75 on  With a little searching, I checked eBay and found the bag I wanted, from an eBay Store (be sure to check the feedback and everything) for $38.  One day left.  So I bid!
I won!
Now, with shipping, it brought it to $50, so that's still a deal.  
So check these sites when you online shop:
- Craigslist (deal locally and only in cash)
- Google Checkout (if it's your first time, you get $10 off!)
Aight, that's good for now.  Talk to you later!

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Nick said...

Super!!!! I want one... i want to be like mike