Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A clean home is a happy home!

After dinner (homemade meatball subs by the way), Jenni and I looked around and saw a mess. The insides of Templetons latest toy (he tore the squeaker out as well as all the hard to vacuum green stuffing), some junk from the tree, and just general dirt. Oh, and the dishes were absolutely horocious.

So, I emptied the dishes, the clean ones, and replaced them with the dishes that had nacho cheese on it... some glasses that didn't get quite clean and some bowls with nasty milk and spoons stuck to them.

Bam! Kitchen done! Well, she does the hard core disinfectant cleaning type stuff. I just clear it up and get it primed and ready.

Then it's vacuum time! VROOOOOROOOOROOM... Ahhhh... The carpet feels like the hair of angel after using shampoo and conditioner from Aveda.... That's soft!

It is finally time to kick back and relax. I got a shower, took out my contacts, slip into my feeties (no, I don't really have those... remember the one piece pajamas with the big long zipper? yeah, feeties), and watch some good old fashioned television.

That's it! Thanks for checking in!


Nick said...

you look like a girl... girl

Onesimus3 said...

Okay- house is in good shape-how about the cars! Have they been vaccumed lately? And did the Volvo get new brakes yet? And did it get registered yet?