Monday, December 17, 2007


Yup, you guessed it! We have power again.

If you didn't know we were without power for almost a week. It wasn't too bad, I've camped in the cold before.

Being from the North East, I think I'm pretty good in cold weather and snow. But that's the thing, Tulsa doesn't get snow, it gets ice.

So Tulsa had a pretty bad ice storm that knocked out over 500,000 peoples power around the state and 150,000 (I think) in Tulsa itself. I know everyone was worried about Templeton, but don't worry, we kept him very warm. He got a jacket for his birthday and some little booties (they're really cheap but don't tell him).

So things are pretty good now. Weather should be in the 50's now.

It's been cold so I haven't been on my bike in while. I went to go for a ride a few days ago, but I noticed I had a slow leak because my rear tire was flat! Dang it! I have to go to T-Town to get another tube.

I did take some pictures of the big ice storm because I had to drive in to work. It was pretty nasty with all the downed trees. But I don't feel like posting them right now because I'm getting tired. So there.

But I do have a video I found interesting that I want to post. I'll just embed it from YouTube.

Well, Christmas is coming up so be sure to relax a little! And be sure to get that shopping done! Take care, see y@!


Shawn H said...

That dude in the video needs to be at the next Mitt Romney press conference.

Nick said...

Post the pics!