Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Read and listen at the same time (on your iPod)

Many of you iPod users already know that you can read notes in the Notes section of your iPod. You can make these pretty easily, but there is neat way to type up some notes, use a little HTML and then when you scroll over certain keywords (you pick the words), the word becomes underlined and it plays a song when you select it, from your library.

It's especially cool if you buy an iPod for your significant other and type a message with certain songs to play. I just grabbed Jenni's when she wasn't looking and put it on there, but if your planning on buying one for that special someone, get it first and do it.

There is also a way to have it go directly to the notes section from the beginning, but I don't remember how to do that. Maybe it's in the tutorial...

Check out this link for a tutorial, it's really not that hard either! I've done it before.

Here is a tutorial to get RSS feeds on your iPod as well. It explains everything, even for those of you who don't know what an RSS feed is. Follow this link to read more!

Here is a really neat site I stumbled across, they have a lot of info for geeks and semi geeks alike. If you think you are a geek, any kind will do, then check this out!

Here is a link for the 50 Coolest Websites of 2005.

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