Monday, January 23, 2006

A quick little hello!

Hey all! I'm just sitting here to update my photo's on my iPod. I organized about half of them in very easy to understand and find folders. So far, 2,490 pictures organized only about 2,200 left. Well, I also have been doing searching through the Apple website and I really want a G5 and Final Cut Studio Pro. I mean I'm dying without it!

I have just used a little bit of Motion 2 and I have fallen in love with it! It's like a Mac version of Adobe After Effects on steroids while on fire driving a motorcycle through a busy one way street in the wrong way backwards! It's that cool!

Here is a link for the beautiful G5's. Check them out.

Here is a link for the Final Cut Studio software, you gotta check that out!

Also, here is a link for a story about iPod vending machines, that's pretty cool.

I'll post more later, but I may be pretty busy.

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Anonymous said...

Hey long time to comment.
Yeah I have Final Cut Studio Pro. It is simply amazing.