Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What's on my iPod...

Check it.
This is going to be a post about what is on my iPod, from music, to videos, to podcasts to files... anything! Let's see... Oh, I was going to type the list out, but screen captures are easier! Click each image to enlarge.

Here is my top rated playlist:

My playlists:

Top 25 Most Played: (although it's not totally accurate because I fell asleep while my Enya playlist played like 800 times)



- 6,172 photos

- DVD Studio Pro 4.0 files
- Quicktime videos
- Other random files (used as a hard drive)

Free space:
- 13.44 GB

That's about it! If I find out I missed something, I'll tell you!

1 comment:

Nathan Alber said...

I know how to screen capture on OS X, but how do you do it on XP?