Sunday, July 29, 2007

Great weekend!

I think Jenni and I really had a great weekend. It was full of adventure and very relaxing at the same time.

Right now, we are just finishing off the weekend at Nordaggios. Yes, I shouldn't have gotten the chai train, but I did.

It's really weird though because the only kids that come in here are in fact such. Kids. The college kids aren't here so the high school kids have the run of the place. The place smells of emo and punk testosterone as boys try and flirt with the young ladies. Ok, it's not that bad. And they aren't all emo and punk.

But I'm just sitting here, getting caught up on my web surfing. I don't really get a chance to surf at work so I look forward to weekends.

I filled up my standard lined Moleskine so I bought a new one. I thought I'd try the reporters style. It's ok, not lined, and it opens differently, but it's still neat.

Jenni went to every furniture store around yesterday and reported back to me with the furniture she wanted. Matthis Brothers once again pulled through. We bought a set of bedroom furniture. It's a sleigh bed, dresser, nightstand, and the thing (I forget the name) that has drawers and a mirror... you know what I'm talking about.

Good thing about it all: pre-assembled. (except for the bed, but that was easy)
Bad thing about it all: everything was huge! I am so glad I have that van!

You mentioned trading the van for the Buick? Yeah, no way. I see why you want it back. When the seats come out, you could park a plane in there! And thanks Nick for the hitch.

Matt and I went riding yesterday morning. We had a really good 2 hour ride around Turkey. I even talked him into doing the hike-a-bike. If you don't know what that is, it's like rock climbing without rope while carrying your bike. Yeah.

Jenni, myself, Josh, and Joanna all watched Deja Vu last night. Neat movie, hurt my brain though.

Oh, that made me think of my TV, remember, 32 inch HDTV. Well someone else I know got one. That means that everyone at my DE home has a bigger TV than Ana. She needs to sell hers and jump on the 32 inch bandwagon. You just can't beat the price of the 32 inch Vizio. The only downside that really bothers me are the speakers. At times they just can't get loud enough.

I want to post pictures of the bedroom and our office/spare room, but everything needs vacuuming (one word: styrafoam. No two words: styrafoam and dog) and cleaning.

I'm wearing my "I Love My Wife" t-shirt and it gets a lot of looks. I think that most people think she makes me wear it, then I tell them that I made it for her. "That is so cute!"

Well, I better get back to surfing the interweb. See ya.

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